7 Tips for Trade Show Booth Rental

Cool Japan Tradeshow Exhibit

Cool Japan Tradeshow Exhibit

The next time you have a have a trade show or convention where you are presenting your company, you may want to consider trade show booth rental. All companies need some way of showing who and what they are. Corporate trade shows are the best way to show the public your products.

Boosting Sales with Trade Show Booth Design

When attending a trade show, it is important to have the correct tradeshow rentals for your clients to view your products. This will help to boost your sales and boost your bottom line. Your tradeshow display is a verifiable image of who you are as a company and your display booth should represent that adequately.

Display Booths Serve Two Purposes

Trade shows serve two purposes. The first is to market your products and the second is to develop public relations. Regardless of why you are attending and presenting at a trade show, your exhibition booth is one of the key things that consumers will notice.

What the Consumer Notices

Advertisers will tell you that when a consumer is considering a product, they go through several stages of thought before purchasing. The eyes have great influence over the mind and the more exposed the mind is to a product; the more likely someone is to buy the product.

Selecting an Exhibit Booth

When selecting a trade show booth rental, appearance should be one of your main factors in your choice. You want something that is eye catching and stands out from the rest of the booths in order to even get that first glimpse.

The Role Tradeshow Booth Rental and Exhibits Play

Do not underestimate the power of trade shows. If you are thinking about skipping one or going cheap on one, think again. Trade shows come and go quickly, but what is gained from the shows can last for years and be the difference between a good business and a great business.

Choosing the Right Display Booths

It is true that a good exhibition display is important, but what is a good trade show exhibition? For the most part, you want a display that has shelves, and that is static in design. They should also be the right size and proportion to your stage.

What to do with Multimedia Exhibition Trade Show Booth Rentals?

Your static displays should be off to the side, and anything electronic or multimedia should be in the center of your booth. This will draw consumers’ eyes to your trade show booth rental and give you an edge over the competition.


  1. Emily Dillingham says

    As someone who works on the PR side of trade shows, I might add that a display should keep your staff accessible. There’s nothing worse than one walking up to a booth that looks like a hot dog stand at a little league game.

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