Bribe Your Customers With Food To Improve Trade Show Booth Displays

If you want to beat your competitors and have your trade show booth displays stand out, you can utilize a variety of tips and tricks that will maximize your trade show success.

Food for Trade Show Booth Displays

A dish like this will attract more customers to your trade show booth dislpay.

The first idea I’m going to propose might sound elementary, but it’s one of the most useful tips in the trade show business. OFFER FOOD TO YOUR TRADE SHOW VISITORS! That may sound silly—but hear me out!

Everyone loves food. I remember I attended an automotive trade show. I kept wondering why everyone was flocking to the PFE Custom Audio booth. A salty aroma of baked goodies pervaded the air. Sure enough, an expo attendee at PFE’s booth turned around with a soft, delicious pretzel in hand.

How to Heighten Your Marketing Strategy With Tradeshow Graphics

This is just one example of the things you can do to lure people to your portable booth. People who come to trade shows want to take items home with them. So it’s definitely worth your while to seriously conceptualize your giveaways. Click here for tradeshow graphic services.

Brainstorm so that you can get your company logo and brand out there. Offering gift certificates for your product or service always works like magic, because it increases brand awareness!

When you distribute gift certificates at your trade show booth displays, people are more likely to consider them ‘deals.’ They’ll come to redeem their gift certificate, and that makes it more probable that they’ll purchase your product or service.

Ideas for Trade Show Booth Displays

Another great tactic is to have a draw or a sweepstakes for a prize. Build this strategy so that the prize feeds directly into your business model.

Remember, it’s crucial that you acquire visitors’ contact information, so figure out a way to entice them to fill out a ticket, sign a guestbook, or place their business cards in a container.

Trail Dusk Steak House has one of the most fascinating and notorious sales tactics. Any diner who is wearing a tie inside Trail Dust immediately gets the tie cut off!

The service staff mounts the tie on the wall, and the wearer’s business card is pinned to the necktie. It’s become a tradition that works wonderfully for Trail Dust. Might we suggest an attention-getting tie to go with your business card?

Show Trade Show Attendees Your Previous Work

You should also provide attendees with portfolios of your previous work. Your best projects should be powerfully displayed within plastic sheet protectors or binders.

Finally, be sure that you build rapport with the attendees and that you heighten your friendliness and professionalism. According to a recent report issued by the CEIR, portable exhibits are experiencing the largest gross percentage growth in average number of attendees since the early 1970s. They’re growing at a rate of roughly 4.1%! Apply these trade show booth tips to intensify your sales sales.

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