Convention Centers in Las Vegas for Trade Shows and Exhibits

Las Vegas is the Mecca of conventions and trade shows and there are a number of convention centers to accommodate the masses. Some are larger or more popular than others are. Event organizers look at many different things when scheduling a specific venue for their shows and conventions, and each organization will have specific criteria that they need to have met.

When it comes to Las Vegas events that are held at local convention centers some of the most important factors for event organizers and coordinators may include:

  • The available space
  • The number of people expected to attend
  • The number of companies who want to exhibit at the show
  • Parking space availability
  • Amenities including restrooms and refreshments
  • The proximity of hotels and other essentials near the convention centers in Las Vegas
  • The cost of renting space at the venue
  • Any venue marketing efforts to promote the event
  • The technology available, such as WiFi and live streaming

Some of the convention centers in Las Vegas are listed as top meeting destinations for people and companies from around the globe. Some events may have many thousands of people who attend. Some of these individuals may travel from out of state or even from around the world just to come to an event at one of the five venues listed below.

Convention Centers in Las Vegas

1. Mandalay Bay Convention Center

The Mandalay Bay has one of the best convention centers in Las Vegas, and this venue is undergoing an expansion that will increase the exhibit space available for vendors at trade shows. When the expansion is finished this venue will offer around 1.3 million square foot of space for exhibits and events. It will make it one of the biggest convention centers in the United States.

Currently there is approximately 934,000 square feet for exhibitions, but after the expansion is complete, the Mandalay Bay will have more than 1,284,000 square feet just for exhibits.


The Mandalay Bay Convention Center can accommodate events of any size, whether it is a business meeting of 25 or a convention with 30,000. This venue is conveniently located and it offers all of the amenities that could possibly be needed by vendors and visitors both.

2. Venetian Convention Center

One of the most popular convention centers in Las Vegas is found at the Venetian. Many trade shows and conventions are held here every year. This venue has almost 2 million square foot of space that is used for events and business meetings. You can take advantage of meeting or event planners, professional catering, and much more.

The Venetian Convention Center is situated close to the rooms and suites at this facility, and it can handle events of any size or complexity. The space available is flexible and it can be configured for any layout and space needs.

3. Las Vegas Convention Center

Convention Centers in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Convention Center

This is the most well-known and one of the largest convention centers in Las Vegas, and it is the biggest in the world when single structure convention centers are evaluated. This venue first opened in April of 1959, and it has 3.2 million square foot of space and can host events with 20,000 people in attendance.

From the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to World of Concrete, the LVCC can accommodate millions of square feet of floor space, outdoor exhibit space, meeting rooms, training rooms and plenty of parking.


The LVCC, as this venue is frequently called, is one of the highest-ranking convention centers, and some of the largest events in Las Vegas have been held here. It is conveniently located and is easy to get to with all travel methods.

4. MGM Grand Conference Center

This is one of the smaller convention centers in Las Vegas on the list, but there are still many trade shows and conventions that are held at this widely recognized venue. The MGM Grand has less space than some venues at a little more than 600,000 square foot available. The event support and coordination offered are usually rated as exceptional, making this a popular choice.

More than 600,000 sq ft of meeting space including the 92,000 sq ft and pillarless Marquee Ballroom


5. The Sands Expo and Convention Center

The Sands is one of the top convention centers in Las Vegas for trade shows, and it has more than 2.2 million square foot set aside for events and meetings. Specialized Event Services are offered to make life easy for vendors and the space is flexible so any size group can be accommodated.

Connected to the Sands Expo, The Venetian and The Palazzo offer more than 7,000 suites all under one roof.


Which convention centers in Las Vegas have you been to and what did you think?

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