Convention Displays | Six Ways to Make yours Stand Out

If you want your convention displays to stand apart from your competition and draw in bigger crowds then there are some things you can do to make this happen. One of these is to add motion to your exhibits. This helps to catch the eye of the attendee and seems to beckon for them to come over to your area.

Your trade show exhibits should outline the benefits that your product or service can give, showing visitors why your product or service is better, how it can make their life easier, or how it can help them save time or money. Product demonstrations can be a great way to get visitors to head your way and stop at your booth.

Convention DisplaysInteraction with your visitors can give you an edge over other exhibitors, making you seem more personable and accessible. Taking advantage of the latest in products and technology in your industry for your display is also very effective. A drawing for a single prize that is a big-ticket item and relevant to your industry can draw in big crowds.

1. Add Motion to Your Convention Displays

Convention displays that include some type of motion generally get more traffic and a higher number of leads when compared to displays that are completely static. Some exhibitors have used a giant waving hand, others set up banners and fans for movement with these signs, and still others add motion in another way instead. Digital advertising can also provide movement while commanding attention.

2. Outline Product Benefits in Your Trade Show Exhibits

Your trade show exhibits should clearly outline the benefits that your products or services can give to consumers. List these benefits in one or more of your convention displays for consistency in branding and added consumer appeal. Try to come up with benefits that your competitors may not provide as well as those that are common in your industry.

3. Provide Product Demonstrations if Possible

When you include product demonstrations in your convention displays there are many benefits. You will interact with your traffic, and consumers will be able to see your product at work so they can determine whether it is right for them or not. People prefer to see how something works for themselves and these demonstrations will play to that desire.

4. Interact with Your Visitors Whenever Possible

Interaction in your convention displays and trade show exhibits can be a way to gain more traffic and see better sales and leads. Don’t get stuck behind your booth all day, greet visitors in the aisles and let them know exactly what you can do for them. Interact with them to get their attention and increase their interest.

5. Take Advantage of Advances in Technology

Adding some of the most advanced technology or the latest industry concepts into your convention displays can really boost attendee interest in your area of the floor, and make you one of the top exhibitors at the venue. Everyone wants to know about the latest products or the newest technology so why not offer it?

6. Offer a Big Ticket Item Drawing

Many trade show exhibits offer a drawing with an inexpensive prize. But how many booths offer a big-ticket item as the top prize? A prize worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars can make your booth the center of attention on the floor, and the place where attendees head first in order to enter and gain a chance to win.

What other ways can you think of to design convention displays that stand apart? What methods have you used in the past?

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