Custom Exhibits versus Modular: Important Factors fo Compare

Comparing modular and custom exhibits should involve looking at five very important factors, so that you make the right decisions and get trade show booths that wow and impress potential clients and customers. One type may offer more flexibility in some areas than the other choice. This may be a big consideration for many vendors and exhibitors.

Custom ExhibitsAnother important area of consideration is upgrading. There may be limitations and restrictions on the ability to upgrade with each type of exhibit. When you are making comparisons between these two types, you also need to examine the shipping convenience and the costs involved in this process in order to make the best possible choices.

The actual price that is paid for any exhibit is also a big factor for many people. One type may cost less for a finished exhibit while the other may have a higher purchase price. Ease of use is also crucial, and this needs to be compared so that you get exhibits that are incredibly easy for you to use and benefit from.

Custom Exhibits may not Offer the same Flexibility

When comparing modular and custom exhibits you will find that the modular type may offer greater flexibility, and this may be a better pick in some cases. It is usually possible to change around the configuration of a modular exhibit to give it a fresh new look and appeal. However, this may not be possible with custom choices.

Upgrading Trade Show Booths may be Easier with a Modular

If you ever decide to upgrade your trade show booths then this may be possible. But custom exhibits may be much more expensive to upgrade then a modular. In some cases, a custom design may prevent an upgrade and a complete replacement may be needed instead. Consider these factors before you make a final decision on which exhibit to buy.

Look at the Shipping Convenience and Costs

When it comes to shipping there are two important areas, and these are cost and convenience. Many custom exhibits cannot be taken apart and this can make them more inconvenient and more expensive to ship. Modular trade show booths are designed to be more affordable and convenient to ship and store, so they may be the right pick in many cases.

Examine the Purchase Expense Involved

The cost of purchasing this item, whether it is modular or custom exhibits is a big consideration. Everyone has a budget and you need to stay within this set amount. You do need to evaluate the price ranges for each type to make an informed decision. In many cases, a modular may be more affordable to buy and this makes it a very popular pick.

Compare the ease of use for each Type

Look at how easy each of these two types will be to set up and use at the event. Custom exhibits may require professional assistance and specialized skills, so they may be harder to set up and use. Modular trade show booths may be easier to use and more convenient to set up, depending on a number of other considerations at each specific event.

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Do you prefer modular or custom exhibits? Why? What advantages do you think each type offers?

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