How to Choose the Best Exhibit Design when you Buy Trade Show Exhibits

If you attend several conventions and trade show events each year then you may want to buy trade show exhibits rather than using rentals. This can help you save on your expenses and lower your costs for these events, but only if the right exhibit design is chosen. This decision should take into consideration how you want to market yourself to your targeted audience, and how often the exhibit will be used.

Buy Trade Show Exhibits

You may want to buy trade show exhibits if you attend several trade shows or conventions. Exhibit by the Design Factory.

Before you buy trade show exhibits you will need to calculate the budget that you have available. The function and visual appeal are also aspects that you should evaluate. This will help with your selection of features and accessories to create an exhibit design that works best for you.

Making a great first impression on your targeted audience is vital as you will only have a very small window of time to capture their attention. It’s important that your exhibit design be high impact and sends a clear message about your business to the visitors at the convention.

Consider Functionality when you Buy Trade Show Exhibits

Functionality is a key consideration for the exhibit design. It should be easy for participants to understand what you are offering and this can be done through a well formatted clear message and relevant graphics. You can provide demos, sample giveaways and printed collateral that offer additional information. Interaction with the visitors that is comfortable and engaging is a big part of the success of your booth and being able to get your message across within the first few minutes is critical.

What is your Targeted Audience Looking For?

Once you have identified your targeted audience then you can start evaluating exactly what these consumers are looking for. Make sure that any exhibits displayed are relevant, and they should resonate with the consumers that you want to reach. Use of large format graphics, color selection and interactive displays and accessories is vital to matching your targeted demographics.

How Important is the Exhibit Size and Shape?

The size and shape of any exhibit that will be used is crucial. Both of these factors can affect how visitors react, and whether targeted consumers will stop by your booth or just keep going. This doesn’t mean that you have to go over budget and buy the largest choice possible but the exhibit should stand out and get noticed fairly quickly. If it is too small then you may be overlooked in the crowd.

When you buy trade show exhibits the shape of the display is also very relevant. If it is irregular or hard to fit in many locations then you could end up making a second purchase for most events, doubling your costs. Deciding on the best shape and flow before you make a move and spend money will help you get the best results from this expense.

What is the Available Budget you have to Buy Trade Show Exhibits?

Before you can buy trade show exhibits you will need to figure out what you are willing to spend. You will find many price ranges to choose from, and some may be affordable while others may be very expensive. If you just want the basics then this can be found for less, but you may not get the best possible results because of a lack of features and options, so really take the time to consider all the options and their functionality within your exhibit design.

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