Exhibit Design Tips for Trade Show Booths that Wow

If you want trade show booths that wow and pop, ones that cannot be overlooked by visitors to conventions and trade shows, then there are some tips you should know about and use. A common mistake made by vendors is to assume that bigger is better but this may not be true. Size is not everything, and smaller displays can be more effective and have a bigger impact in some cases.

Trade Show Booths

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the size of their trade show booths is the most important factor but this is not true.

An exhibit design that promotes optimal visitor flow and staff access is a critical factor, and if this is not achieved then your area may not be appealing and you may be viewed as less than professional in the industry that you represent. Innovative technology can be included in your component in order to increase your brand recognition and visitor interest in your booth.

The final booth that you use at any trade show should be consistent in every way, with an appearance that is well put together and that goes together visually without any flaws. Make sure that you only use high-resolution graphics for the best image appearance and quality, because this will reflect strongly on you and your business.

1. Size is not everything with Trade Show Booths

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the size of their trade show booths is the most important factor but this is not true. A larger display may seem more impressive when it is properly designed and executed but a smaller booth can be just as powerful when the right components and features are included. Choose quality over size and quantity for the best results.

2. Visitor Flow is Critical with any Exhibit Design

Make sure that your finished exhibit design promotes exceptional traffic flow, both for the visitors and for your booth staff. One of the most common reasons that trade show booths end up with low visitor numbers is that it is not easy for the consumer to get up to the display and get the desired materials or information.

3. Use Cutting Edge Technology Whenever Possible

Taking advantage of the latest and most advanced technology relating to trade show booths is a good way to help your business and your brand stand out at even the most crowded event. Consumers are fascinated with the newest technologies available today, and when you include these in your booth, you can greatly increase your attendance numbers.

4. Consistency is Key across all Areas

Trade show booths that lack consistency usually receive few visitors and little interest, even when the event in question is highly relevant and extremely crowded. Consumers expect a company to be an expert, with a professional appearance that is flawless. This small detail could have a big impact on your bottom line.

5. Include High Resolution Graphics in the Design

The graphics that you use with your trade show booths should be displayed in high resolution. This eliminates any blurring or hard to see details, and it provides a top quality image that is attractive and clear. If you do not consider high resolution for your exhibit design then you may be missing out on all of the benefits that this offers.

What tips on creating trade show booths that wow can you offer to others, and how did you find out about these tips?


    • Design Factory says

      You are so right Shaun. Dynamic graphics can really make a difference and should definitely be included in trade show booth design.

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