How to Budget Your Las Vegas Trade Show Exhibits

Britax Tradeshow Exhibit Booth

Britax Tradeshow Exhibit Booth

For many businesses and companies, Las Vegas trade show exhibits can bring in new clients and customers in a big way, as well as help spread news about your services by word of mouth. To make sure that the trade show exhibit you plan attracts the maximum amount of traffic, appealing trade show graphics,  tradeshow design, budgeting and having the right display booth are all critical points.

Las Vegas Trade Show Exhibits and Budgeting

Before making any purchases, renting any space, or hiring any staff, you will need to make a detailed list of your budget and what base costs will be involved in setting up a display to promote your business.

First, be realistic about your needs for the size of your company or service. Trying to budget in a huge display booth or several booths may not make much sense, especially if the trade show convention is a small or mid-sized one.

Plan out the cost of renting space, graphics and booth material, staffing needs (if any), and extra costs such as fliers, samples, business cards or demonstration materials. Transportation costs should also be taken into account for the budget, especially if you have to rent a trailer to move your display booth.

Trade Show Graphics

Trade show exhibits are all about directing the eye towards the most interesting and eye-catching displays, so positioning and graphics are both equally important. Try to rent a space you know can be enhanced by having good trade show graphics.

Make sure the trade show graphic you decide on is appropriate for the venue or convention it will be displayed at, but make it unique enough to pop out from the other booths. Avoid any graphics or themes that are ostentatious or gaudy; this may repel more customers than it attracts.

Choosing the Display Booth

Just as selecting the right trade show graphics for your trade show exhibits, finding a practical, appealing and durable display booth is just as key to bringing in traffic and making a success of the event. If you’ve already planned out your budget, you’ll know approximately how much you will have to spend on a display booth already.

Always compare several booths in your price range, and take into account the size you will need for proper display set up of any materials and items, as well as staff and anticipated traffic. A booth that is too large will make your trade show exhibits seem sparse or barren, but one too small will appear cluttered and messy.

Ease of set up, transportation and build quality is also something to research, and finding customer reviews and brand rankings for different display models and tables is another essential factor to choosing the right trade show exhibits.

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