Top 10 Ideas for Selling Your Business using Creative Exhibit Booths

Conventions and trade shows are a great way to market your products and services. But it isn’t all peaches and cream when you are preparing for the big event. Creative exhibit booths have the best success. But, just how do you manage to have a unique booth that is creative, functional, and sells?

Top 10 Ideas for Creative Exhibit Booths

  1. Offer visitors a handwriting analysis or fortune telling for fun. Creative exhibit booths that offer something unusual or unexpected can be the star of the trade show, and few visitors expect to see this type of entertainment at an event. These activities will draw in larger crowds and help you boost your company image and reputation.
    Creative Exhibit Booths
  2. Hire a company mascot. Marketing at conventions is essential, and a company mascot can be the icing on the cake. Creative exhibit booths that have a mascot will generate more buzz and attention at the show and keep people talking about your company even after the event is over,
  3. Install a photo booth in your area. Some of the most creative exhibit booths include a photo booth area where visitors can create and personalize unique photos. Add your company logo to the bottom of the photo and your business will always be remembered. People keep photos for many years in most cases, and every time the photo is viewed your logo and business name will be right there as well.
  4. Provide free WiFi for visitors who are in your area. Many people are surprised by how often WiFi is not available at conventions and trade shows, and a great way to get memorable marketing at conventions is to give visitors the chance to connect.
  5. Include the latest and most innovative technology in your display for creative exhibit booths that are very attractive to the event visitors. Everyone wants to experience the latest and greatest in technology, and this will make your booth a magnet for visitors who attend the show.
  6. Make a donation to a good cause.  This can be a great way of marketing at conventions while also helping out one or more charities. Offer a small donation to a popular charity for everyone who provides contact information. You can even choose a few worthy causes or organizations and let the visitor choose where the donation goes.
    Donate at Trade Show
  7. Design creative exhibit booths that resemble the products that you offer. This may not be an option if you are renting the booth components but if you but these outright then your choices are almost unlimited as long as your budget will cover the cost.
  8. Instead of offering many small prizes try to offer one big prize that everyone will want to win. The most creative exhibit booths may offer something that no one else is, such as a year of free products or services.

    Having some kind of prize draw or contest as part of your trade show displays is a great way to collect contact information from booth visitors.


  9. Get someone well known and respected in your industry to spend time in your area.  This can be a great method of marketing at conventions and help you network with the top people in your industry. Visitors will want to stop by and meet the industry leader that you have in your area.
  10.  Include touch screens in your display that visitors can use to gain information about your company.  This can help you design creative exhibit booths that everyone wants to come to, especially if the touch screen applications also includes entertainment like games or the ability to doodle. The screens will also lighten the load on your staff because visitors can get the information that they need quickly and easily even when your booth is crowded.

Incorporate some of these ideas for creative exhibit booths at your next trade show or convention, and see how your booth rakes in the leads.

What ideas for creative exhibit booths have you used in the past which were highly successful?

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