Improving Your Business with Trade Show Exhibit Rental Units

A compelling tradeshow display is a vital part of your company’s convention advertising strategy. A clever use of trade show exhibit rental units can insure that you make a lasting and positive impression on fellow professionals and customers alike.

But in order to make that impression, and make the “right” impression, you have to carefully consider your trade show booth design. After all, your booth is representing the company to the public, and doing so alongside competing companies that want your business.

Trade Show Booths and Marketing: Being Friendly

The first step is to remember that a tradeshow display is a unique form of advertising in that it is interactive. Ideally, the display should convince guests to stop and closely examine your company. In a crowded and noisy convention hall, that can be a challenge.

Don’t make your tradeshow display cluttered and unfriendly to convention attendees. Leave the front open so that guests can stop without blocking the aisle traffic. Leave an area where guests can sit down and speak with your representatives.

Creating a Theme for Your Tradeshow Display

When thinking about your trade show exhibit rental units, start with the company theme. There is nothing worse than a confusing booth that leaves a visitor wondering what the company’s purpose actually is. An easily identified theme is vital for a successful tradeshow display.

Equally, most conventions are busy places. Your trade show booth design should stand out among the other booths. Use bright logos and attention-grabbing displays to get that all-important first glance.

An exhibit display should start out by introducing the company and what service it provides. More detailed descriptions can wait for when the guest is speaking to your company representative.

Trade Show Booth Design and Your Representatives 

Finally, many companies overlook another important aspect of setting up effective convention trade show exhibit rental units. If your representatives have to be on their feet all day, they won’t present the best image to potential clients. Make certain to provide chairs where they can sit down and rest their feet.

This is especially important when the exhibit display is staffed by only a few people. Smaller companies may not have enough staff to allow individuals to leave the convention floor, and in this case, it is vital that the trade show booth design be set up to avoid fatiguing the staff.

Remember, a convention is one of the most cost effective methods of advertising available. A company making use of trade show exhibit rental booth units can maximize the return on their investment by attracting new clients and customers based on the strength of their exhibit display.


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