7 Reasons to Use Interactive Exhibit Booths at Trade Shows

In our modern days of video games and smart phones, people have come to expect interaction. Trade show exhibits are no exception. Interactive exhibit booths often garner the most traffic and interest.

Using interactive exhibit booths can be a great way to attract attention to your floor area and get people to stop by your displays. There are many reasons to include one or more interactive components to your trade show exhibits. These elements will give traffic a more favorable impression of your company and your products in a number of ways.

Interactive Exhibit Booths

Interactive Exhibit Booth created by the Design Factory for Video Gaming Technologies

1. Interactive Exhibit Booths Show Your Company is Cutting Edge

When you choose to use interactive exhibit booths this shows that your company is cutting edge and stays on top of the latest technology and innovations in the industry. You want to give a modern image to potential customers and this type of technology can help you do this quickly and effectively.

Without the use of modern technology and interactive features, your booth and displays may seem old fashioned or outdated and these are not usually things you want associated with your brand or your products.

2. Interactive Trade Show Exhibits have more Appeal

When you use trade show exhibits that are interactive, your area will be more appealing to visitors. These elements can add a sense of excitement and adventure that is often missing on the trade show floor. When you appeal to visitors and provide interactive entertainment you make them want to stop by your display and find out what you are offering.

3. Engage the Senses of Your Visitors

Engagement is the key to success at trade shows, and interactive exhibit booths will engage those in attendance much more effectively than a boring display that is static and does not interact with the individual in any way. You should try to engage as many senses as you can so that people remember you and know who to call when they need your products and services.

4. Don’t Just Say it, Show How Your Products can Help Consumers

Using interactive exhibit booths in order to show how your products can help consumers is much better than simply saying the benefits. Providing demos of your products at your trade show exhibits will help customers see and feel what they will get from your company. When visitors see what your products can do, they will be impressed and more likely to make a purchase.

The Nightclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show, in Las Vegas, includes many product demonstrations. Trade Show News Network named this event one of the “Top 25 Fastest-Growing Trade Shows.”

5. Use Personal Stories to Connect with People Attending the Event

When you combine interactive exhibit booths and personal stories that reach the show attendees on a deeper level you may see much better results and higher sales totals due to this combination. People react to personal stories and interaction in a positive way and this favorable response carries over onto your products and brand.

6. Make Your Booth Stand Out on the Floor

Some of the best displays and trade show exhibits on the floor will be interactive exhibit booths, and you can make your area really stand out from your competitors. This type of display is usually a little more expensive to use but the additional cost may be more than recovered with higher product sales and better brand exposure.

One of the most exciting and appealing exhibit ideas for automotive trade shows is to .add interactive games with auto themes. Racing games, driving simulators, and other vehicle-based games that are interactive can make your booth an instant hot spot for visitors.

Read more from our article 7 Terrific Exhibit Ideas for Automotive Trade Shows here.

The last thing that you want is for your booth to be ignored, or to have it fade into the background among all the other displays. Adding one or more interactive components can boost the attention that your company gets during the event, and your visitors are more likely to spend longer at your display before moving on to others.

7. Use Interesting Activities to Draw Crowds

When you have interactive exhibit booths you can use interesting activities to draw larger crowds, and in some cases your display area will be the highlight of the show floor. When you attract a larger crowd this can multiply exponentially. As people see the crowd at your booth grow, they will want to stop by to see what is going on.

What type of interactive exhibit booths have you used? Did you get great results from this type of display or spend money without getting a good return instead?

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