5 Marketing Secrets to Help You Get the Most Out of Conventions in Las Vegas

If you want to get the most out of exhibiting at conventions in Las Vegas then some marketing secrets can help you do this. One of these secrets is that you must identify your targeted audience if you want to attract the right visitors to your booth. Otherwise, you could spend your resources and end up with less than ideal results.

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A lot of trade shows offer many marketing and publicity opportunities that you can benefit from if you know about these options and these may begin weeks or even longer before the actual event starts. A common mistake made by many vendors is that they do not alert their current customers about their attendance at the trade show. This can affect the final results achieved at the convention.

Use a demo or offer a sample of your products or services if you really want to get more traffic, better leads, and an increase in conversions.  You can utilize the event media writers and find great publicity opportunities that may be free or very low cost, giving you more exposure while protecting your bottom line and financial resources.

1. Identify Your Target Audiences before Scheduling Any Conventions in Las Vegas

Before you schedule any conventions in Las Vegas, it is important to identify the audiences that you are trying to target. Remember that you can have more than just a single targeted audience, your products or services may appeal to more than one set of demographics. Determine who is really in the market for what you offer and then include this audience in your targeted visitors.

2. Take Advantage of Available Marketing Opportunities before Trade Shows Start

Many trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas will offer numerous opportunities for vendors and exhibitors to get the word out about the event, and their role in it. Promoters will usually offer interviews, stories, and other types of promotions that you can use, and these are usually reasonably priced or even free at some conventions.

3. Let Existing Customers Know you will be at the Event

Exhibitors at conventions in Las Vegas often miss out on traffic because they fail to let existing customers know about their event attendance. You want to attract new clients, but neglecting those who are already interested in your products or services can be a costly error. Even if these current customers do not boost your sales, they will generate more interest from other visitors and draw bigger crowds.

4. Show Potential Customers what your Products can do with a Sample or Demo

If you plan on taking part in conventions in Las Vegas then a sample or demo may be the way to go. This gives visitors a sense of what you can do for them, and it helps to generate leads if you require a little information in order for the visitor to get the sample or view the demo. Many may view your business as being friendlier or offering a higher quality of product as a result.

5. Utilize the Event Media Writers and Publicity Options Offered

Conventions in Las Vegas can be very competitive, and one of the secrets for better marketing at these events is to use the media writers hired for the event and the great publicity options offered. Most trade shows will offer at least contact information for the right media sources even if there are no writers covering the entire event.

What marketing secrets can you share for conventions in Las Vegas?

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