Panama Trade Show Booth Comes to Life!

Panama Trade Show Booth at the Sands Expo, Las Vegas

The Panama trade show exhibit was a collaborative effort between IntegraDesign, Bogotá Columbia, and the Design Factory in Las Vegas. IntegraDesign designed the eye-catching 20×20 exhibit for the tourism bureau of Panama to promote awareness and tourism worldwide. What a better venue than the Travel Agent Show Forum?

With one month of planning, email correspondence and building we were able to pull off an incredible exhibit for this international client. The exhibit was clearly the “Rolls Royce” of the show and the Panama bureau was able to promote Panama’s diversity and contrasts.

Trade Show Graphics

The large format graphics beautifully displayed many of the country’s highlights and attracted attendees from all areas of the tradeshow floor. Brilliant colors in action packed images set the stage for enticing visitors to this top of the line trade show exhibit. That’s exactly what stunning trade show graphics can do for an exhibit booth! For more information on Panama visit:

With many companies exhibiting internationally it is very important to have strong partners worldwide in our industry. The Design Factory is that Las Vegas partner that International exhibitors and exhibit builders are looking for. We have the bases covered when it comes to trade show exhibits.

Take a look at these live images from the Home Based Travel Agent Show Forum at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Give us a call at 702.656.0555 for more information.

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Panama Trade Show BoothPanama Trade Show Booth 2Panama Trade Show Booth 3Panama Trade Show Booth 5Panama Trade Show Booth 7Panama Trade Show Booth 9

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