Rent a Trade Show Exhibit or Purchase One Outright?

Is your company going to have an exhibit at an upcoming trade show? Many businesses decide to rent a trade show exhibit.

Should you rent a trade show exhibit or just buy one outright? The answer is not always the same. There are many factors you need to consider to decide which method works best for your convention marketing needs. In some cases, renting will make financial sense, but in other situations, buying may be a better choice.

Rent a Trade Show Exhibit

When You Rent a Trade Show Exhibit, You Could Save Money

If you rent a trade show exhibit you could save money and exhibit on a smaller budget, but this is not always true. If you plan on exhibiting numerous times a year then the rental fees could add up quickly, and you may be better off buying some or even all of your exhibit components and display items instead of renting these every time.

The lower cost makes it better for those who are just starting their business, but it’s not an investment decision. The booth is gone as soon as you return it.


Frequent Convention Marketing May Make Buying an Exhibit a Better Choice

If you plan on frequent convention marketing and you attend many shows each year, then renting could be a big waste of money. Purchasing new exhibit pieces and components could be more cost effective if you must rent display items over and over again. If you buy the same items, you could take a tax deduction on the cost (check with your tax adviser to make sure).

What is Your Budget?

Deciding whether to buy or rent a trade show exhibit often comes down to a simple matter of financial resources. If you are a small business or new start up then your financial resources and budget may be quite small. If you rent you may be able to get a larger or more impressive display for less, saving you precious financial resources for other uses instead.

What Type of Exhibit do You Want?

Before you decide to rent a trade show exhibit or buy it outright, you need to think about your convention marketing goals and the type of exhibit that you want to use. Some displays may not be available for rental, these must be purchased. If you want to use a two story display that is customized and elaborate then you may need to buy some of the components instead of renting them.

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to the types and appearances of the exhibits that you can use for conventions and trade shows; you are only limited by your creativity and imagination when you design customized displays. Renting has more limitations, so you need to decide if the lower cost is worth the sacrifice.

Will You Need to Change Components Frequently?

Before you can decide whether to buy or rent a trade show exhibit you should consider how often you will want to change up one or more of your display components. You may want a fresh look for each event, and that may mean using different banners, displays, and even booth configurations. Renting can be more affordable than buying numerous exhibit variations.

Think about how long you will actually use a display before you decide to make it a permanent acquisition. A custom display can be engaging but the higher cost may not always make sense, especially for smaller companies and firms with a smaller budget to spend on this effort.

How often do You Exhibit at Shows Each Year?

Before you can decide whether to rent a trade show exhibit or buy it outright, you need to consider how many shows you plan on using the convention marketing display for. If you attend many shows each year then buying could be the right choice, but make sure the exhibits purchased will be used for some time to come.

If you plan to use the exact same exhibit design for an extended period then it may be less expensive to buy the individual components than renting would be.

Read more about buying versus renting here.

Do a Cost Benefit Analysis for Each Option before Deciding

You cannot really make the best decision on whether to buy or rent a trade show exhibit until you do a cost benefit analysis for each method. This will help you determine which choice will give you the greatest benefits and the least disadvantages, and help you make the choice that works best for your company and your financial resources.

Would you rent a trade show exhibit or purchase it outright? Why?

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