Top 10 Considerations for Rental Trade Show Booths

Finding the right rental trade show booths, displays, and even hanging banners for your company and products or services does not have to be impossible when you look at the most important considerations. There are many things that can affect your final decision and they need to be factored into your plans.

Rental Trade Show Booths – 10 Things to Consider

1. Price and Budget

Some rental trade show booths will be extremely affordable but also simple; others can be costly and elaborate. Before you can choose the right booth for your business, you need to set a budget for this expense category. This will help you determine what you can spend and help you weed out any displays that are more than your budget amount.

2. Company Image and Appearance

From any hanging banners that you choose to the overall appearance of your entire area, it is important that your final choice reflects your company image. If you pick the wrong booth or display items to rent you could find that visitors view your company in a negative light instead of a positive one.

Rental Trade Show BoothsTrade Show Exhibit by the Design Factory

3. Keep it Consistent

All of the components in your rental trade show booths need to have consistency. This is important to reinforce your brand and give your business a professional image. If there are components that do not fit or that are inconsistent visitors may avoid your booth instead of heading straight for it.

A consistent brand identity makes your business seem more legitimate. It’s no wonder that multinational brands like Chevrolet and McDonald’s have very defined logos and colors.

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As you can see, brand consistency is absolutely instrumental in the healthy development and progression of any company large or small. – See more at:
As you can see, brand consistency is absolutely instrumental in the healthy development and progression of any company large or small. – See more at:
As you can see, brand consistency is absolutely instrumental in the healthy development and progression of any company large or small. – See more at:

4. Appeal to your Target Market

Every aspect of your display, from your hanging banners and portable display signs to the placement of your marketing materials and traffic flow designation, needs to be as appealing as possible. Look at how appealing the booth will be to the populations that you are targeting, and make sure to be objective during this evaluation.

5. The Layout and Configuration

Before you can start picking out rental trade show booths for your next event you will need to have at least a basic idea of the layout and configuration that you want for your booth. This will help you narrow down the possibilities and ensure that the booth you rent is the best possible choice in your situation.

6. Easy Access for Visitors

Consider visitor access when you are looking at rental trade show booths. You want to make sure that visitors can get to your materials and products without having to stand in line, and this is also true for any lead generation efforts or materials that you use. If people have to wait to get information or sign up they will move to another booth instead.

7. Make it Easy on Yourself and Staff

Look at how easy it will be to use each of the rental trade show booths that you are thinking about. Is there enough space for storing your products and materials? Will your staff have room to move around or write down orders? These are just a few of the ease of use questions that you need to consider.

8. Amount of Display Space Offered

No matter how many hanging banners you use this will not help you be successful at trade shows if you do not have enough display space available to show off your top products and marketing materials. Think about this factor as you examine each possible rental, and make sure your final choices shows your products and services in the best light.

9. Trade Show Floor Location

Before you can go order rental trade show booths you should know where the floor location of your exhibit will be. This can have a big impact on the type of booth and display that you choose. If you have an end location or island spot then you can take advantage of higher traffic flows, but only if you plan for this ahead of time.

10. Floor Space Reserved

The right choice of rental trade show booths, hanging banners, and other exhibit items needs to take the amount of floor space that you have available into consideration. You do not want to rent a booth that is larger or smaller than the actual floor space that you have reserved for the event.

Consider all of these tips for your next trade show or convention and remember that the Design Factory is just a phone call away at 702.656.0555.

What else do you think is important when you are trying to find the right rental trade show booths?

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