5 Secrets about Trade Show Attendees that you need to Know

Want to know a secret? There are a number of secrets about trade show attendees that successful exhibitors know. These secrets can help you see better results from the shows where you exhibit. One of the first secrets is that people who attend these events are rarely patient. They do not have time to stand in long lines or wait for you to locate promotional materials or products.

Trade Show Attendees

What are the secrets about trade show attendees?

The second big secret is that your exhibit booth only has seconds in order to attract and impress visitors at the event. If you do not do grab their attention at first glance then the attendee will most likely move on to a competitor instead.

Another pet peeve for trade show attendees is having to deal with processes that are not easy to use and convenient. If it is complicated, you can assume many will not complete the steps needed and you will lose a potential new client or buyer.

If you want a possible client to remember your company and products, or any other important information, then this will need to be repeated a number of times in order for the details to stick. Attendees want recognition and this needs to be provided as early as possible, before the event if that is possible in order to gain visitors and see better results.

1. Trade Show Attendees are Rarely Patient

Most trade show attendees are very impatient. With other booths to visit and other products or services to check out a majority of visitors at any event will not be willing to wait in a long line or stand around, for even a few minutes, while you try to locate something. Make it easy for them to grab promotional materials or check out your offers quickly.

2. Your Exhibit Booth must Impress in Seconds

A successful exhibit booth is one that will draw in trade show attendees and impress them within seconds. Research shows that you only have a very short time to appeal to people. If your exhibit does not do this then you are not reaching your full potential. Attendees need to be impressed if you want to get terrific results from a show.

3. User Friendly Processes are more appealing regardless of Cost

Most trade show attendees want to do as little as possible. If your processes are not user friendly then you will lose out on possible sales. If people think that there is too much work involved in order to purchase your products or arrange for services then they will go elsewhere…even if this means spending a little more money as a result.

4. Important Information must be Repeated Several Times to be Remembered

Make sure that all of your exhibit booth staff understands the importance of repeating important information to visitors. One of the secrets about trade show attendees is that they need to hear the details several times in order to retain this information in many cases.

5. Provide Recognition and do this Early On

Trade show attendees love recognition in most cases, and this needs to be provided as soon as possible so that your exhibit booth is successful. Start well before the show, contacting possible customers ahead of time. Add extras, bonuses, and other promotions to your products or services as well. This will make visitors feel recognized and they will be more receptive to your offers.

What other secrets have you learned about trade show attendees that you are willing to share?

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