Which Trade Show Booth Design is Right for your Convention Exhibit?

The trade show booth design that you choose can make or break your business and bottom line, and the right convention exhibit choices can help you succeed beyond your expectations while the wrong ones could cause you to fail. One important aspect should be display stands. You need to determine whether you need these and what types you will use. What designs work best with the purpose that the?

Trade Show Booth Design

Trade Show Booth Design by the Design Factory

Another top priority with any trade show booth design is visitor access. The best booth imaginable will not get the desired results if it is difficult for the visitors to access or obtain the desired information. Look at how many access points the exhibit offers and determine if this is adequate or if you need something with greater access instead. A top consideration is whether to rent or buy. The right answer may be different in each case.

Will your Convention Exhibit Include Display Stands?

One big factor with any trade show booth design is ensuring that you have adequate display space for all of your graphics and your materials. You may want to include some of the following materials or other item:

  • Postcards
  • Business cards
  • Banners
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Samples

Display stands can help any convention exhibit increase the available display space and help push the company brand and visual graphics at the same time. There are many different types of display stands that you can incorporate into your exhibit. Some may fit better than others may with the specific booth and exhibit components that are included.

What Type of Trade Show Booth Design is Right for You?

When you start creating the perfect trade show booth design you will need to decide on a specific booth type. This may be a corner display, an aisle booth, or even an open display that can be reached from any angle. What size space will you be using?

The exhibit should use the available space to the maximum advantage, whether this is just a small corner or the center of the show floor. The design should complement your materials and the image your company wants to project.

Is your Booth Highly Accessible to Visitors?

The trade show booth design that you finally decide on should maximize your exposure and accessibility to visitors. You only have seconds to grab a potential customer and show them what you are offering. If your convention exhibit is limited in how it can be accessed then you could lose business.

Visitors are not willing to wait or stand in line just to get information so you need to make sure they can reach your materials and exhibit quickly and easily.

Do the Booth Design and Floor Location Match?

What location do you have at the show? It is important to know the exact location before the show so that your convention exhibit will fit properly and display well in that location. If you have a space between two aisles then you will want a booth that is open to both sides.

A booth with 360 degree exposure may not be needed for a corner spot and could be a waste of resources instead. The right trade show booth design can be implemented for any location and venue with a little research and thought.

Choosing the right design factors and components does not have to be difficult or require weeks of agonizing indecision when you know what to look for and what is important. You want a display and exhibit that really pops and gets noticed right away, and the best designs can do this for you.

What tips can you offer when it comes to the best trade show booth design possible?


  1. Gretchen says

    Display stands for your collateral material is an absolute must at trade show booths. Having your company’s brochures displayed professionally in a nice looking display stand looks much better than just having them lay on a counter.

    Putting the display stands, with information about your products or services, center stage or next to your products helps attendees see it and learn more about your business.

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