Trade Show Booth Design for your Convention Exhibit

trade show booth design

Trade Show Booth Design | From Concept to Creation

If you are thinking about purchasing a trade show booth or changing your current trade show booth design there are several things to consider. It is a good idea to first decide what you want the booth to accomplish in the way of sales and marketing within a convention exhibit and how it will help you to reach your marketing goals and objectives. These booth objectives can be accomplished by first choosing the correct floor plan for your trade show booth design.

A designated floor plan will create a system of how you want traffic to flow through the booth, how your products and services are displayed and how people will access your company material. There are many different types of floor plans and each one allows different methods of obtaining desired results. Not every company has a marketing budget that rivals the size of Apple’s, but you can incorporate ideas from one or more different current displays found in convention exhibits and incorporate into your booth design.

Trade Show Booth Design Floor Plans

Some basic convention exhibit floor plans that encompass a trade show booth design are highlighted below. Each one of them uses unique methodologies that will produce different outcomes in regard to product display, attendee access and foot traffic.

Central Design Provides Continuous Traffic Flow

The first floor plan involves a central structure set up in the space with additional elements such as desks, seating and storage placed at specific points within the area surrounding the structure. With multiple entry and exit points, this design creates a continuous free flow of traffic in and around the booth.

Centerpiece for Specific Product Messaging

A centerpiece containing your product or message will bring the viewer’s attention to a designated area within the booth. It can be placed in the center or off to the side. This floor plan highlights a specific product or message and will continually draw people towards it. This design layout is good if you are showcasing a single product or introducing a new message.

Enclosed Space Within Convention Exhibit

One floor plan less used in general trade show booth design is the fortress type of floor plan, which involves a private room. When this type of layout is used and conducted properly, it can be very successful. This allows you to enclose people in a private meeting within your convention exhibit floor space.

Theater Setup Promotes Exclusivity

A theater setup is similar to the enclosed space floor plan. By offering what appears to be exclusivity within the convention exhibit, the value of your product or message is enhanced. However, you must have something worthwhile to offer and the presentations must be continuously booked or you will lose your audience quickly.

With a little extra time spent on formulating specific marketing objectives, trade show exhibiting is a strategic marketing and sales avenue and not done just in support of an association or industry your company is supporting. A convention exhibit should be an extension of your company’s marketing message, but creativity also can play a role in choosing your floor plan and trade show booth design.

What is your favorite floor plan or trade show booth design for a convention exhibit?


  1. says

    Budgets for trade show booth design don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Some of the best exhibits are simple and to the point. Staying within budget and achieving your branding goals can easily be achieved.

    Whether your booth is a two story extravaganza or a simple 10×10 you can still have a great design that fits your needs.

    • Design Factory says

      We’ve seen great designs with both small and large budgets for trade show booths. Good point. Thank you!

  2. Tom Stokes says

    The company I work for has a reasonably large budget for marketing, and most of it they spend on conventions. We have our own booth and we set it up in such a way that if someone walks in to it they see all of our products before leaving. The way we do it is have a large square area, and have 2 entrances to our booth. We fill the booth with our products around an “s” shaped walkway. This forces the traffic to follow the “s” and see all of our products before leaving the other side.

    • Design Factory says

      The two entrances and “s” shaped path is a smart idea. Having a large budget for your trade show booth marketing is wonderful! :)

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