Trade Show Furniture | Choosing for Functionality and Style

How do you decide on which pieces of trade show furniture will best suit your purposes? How can you get the most benefit from your exhibit booth? When you are planning your strategy for your trade show exhibit, these are the main questions that you need to address.

Choosing the type of  trade show furniture for your booth at the convention begins with asking some basic questions about how you want the attendees to engage with your representatives in the booth. Beyond the matter of attractive graphics and visuals, how you use your actual space can have a big impact on the success of your exhibit booth.

How will trade show visitors interact with your exhibit booth? Things to consider:

  • Do you want to draw people inside the booth space?
  • Do you want to serve people across tables or counter areas at the edges of the booth?
  • What types of business will you conduct in the booth?
  • What types of display furniture will you need to enhance your booth?

Trade Show Furniture | Inside the Exhibit Booth or Outside?

Trade Show Furniture

Trade Show Furniture

If you have displays that you want people to take time to examine, you might consider designing your exhibit booth space to accommodate attendees stepping into the booth area. Placing your trade show furniture around the edges and leaving the front face open can make for an inviting booth. Letting visitors step inside will draw them out of the traffic flow and gives you the opportunity to be more interactive.

Using your space to invite people in can be a great advantage if you want people to take time to look at your displays, ask questions and get engaged. But you do have to remember that it is a show and you will not have them for long. Keep your displays at reasonable heights. Don’t make your visitors have to crouch down to look at anything. Place everything for easy viewing and handling.

However, if you are going to be selling things from your booth, you might not want to give the casual passer-by that kind of easy access to the products in your exhibit booth. If that is the case, arrange your display tables around the outer edge, and give yourself plenty of space to move about as you show off and demo your products.

Selecting the best trade show furniture to display your products can be an important factor in catching the eyes of attendees. Too much crammed together in a small space will only create a feeling of sensory overload. Instead, make sure each display has a focus and presents your wares in an attractive manner.

Selecting Convention Booth Furniture

Seating. Your booth workers will be spending long hours in the exhibit hall engaging with attendees in presenting your products. It is a wise idea to have some seating for them to rest from time to time. If there is the possibility of using the booth for short interviews and meetings during the course of the trade show, you will also need additional chairs for your visitors.

Displays. Choosing the right sort of display trade show furniture can make a big difference in your convention success. The possibilities in different forms of racks and display cases will also provide many options for showcasing your products. Placing such at the corners of your booth leaves the middle space for personal interactions.

It is important to choose the right layout for your purposes. What type of trade show furniture do you like to see in an exhibit booth?

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