8 Types of Trade Show Supplies that are often Overlooked or Forgotten

There are many trade show supplies that are overlooked or forgotten. This can be a big mistake. Every convention exhibit should have an all-purpose box with useful supplies that may not always be needed but that can come in handy more often than not.

1. Trade Show Supplies Should Always Include Different Colored Pens and Sharpies

One of the most essential trade show supplies is pens and markers, and you should have a range of colors available. There is nothing worse than getting a hot lead and having the pen fail when you are trying to take down contact information. Sharpies are also extremely helpful in many cases. Having these items in your supply box can be a lifesaver.

2. Every Convention Exhibit should have various types of Tape

Every convention exhibit should be well prepared and stocked with various types of tape. Scotch tape, masking tape, and electrical tape may be needed at certain times. Double-sided tape can also be very useful in some situations and circumstances. If you do not have these supplies then you could end up rushing around trying to find them instead of focusing on visitors.

3. An Extension Cord and Plug Bar will come in Handy

When many people pack trade show supplies they do not include a plug bar and extension cords. This can be a big mistake. Electrical outlets are not always located conveniently. These items can be a big help in arranging for electricity where it is needed the most in your area. These items may need to be inspected or approved before use in order to assure that they meet safety standards.

4. Post-It Pads and Notebooks are frequently Needed

Trade Show Supplies

Post-It pads and notebooks are trade show supplies that are frequently not thought about until they are needed. If you have not planned ahead then it will be too late. These items can be used to create reminders, take down contact and lead information, and for many other purposes as well. Make sure that your box of necessities includes Post-It pads and small notebooks.

5. Fasteners are Commonly Forgotten

Some of the most commonly missed items in a box of supplies are fasteners. Include a stapler and extra staples, paper clips, rubber bands, zip ties, and other assorted fasteners so that you are prepared for anything.

6. A First Aid Kit and Common Medications Should Always be Available

Some of the most important trade show supplies can be found in any first aid kit and most medicine cabinets. You might want to include Tylenol, Motrin, Dayquil, cough drops, band-aids, and other medical supplies that may be needed at some point during the event. You never know when these items may be needed. Having them on hand could be extremely helpful.

7. An All in One Tool can be Invaluable

Convention exhibit supplies are often missing an all in one tool. This can be an oversight that you regret during the event. This tool usually includes a screwdriver, can opener, and other features that can help you in almost any bind or take care of almost any problem. Since you never know what will happen having this item can be very beneficial.

8. Generic Business Cards should always be packed for every Event

Generic business cards can be a big advantage, and you should always include a stack in your box of trade show supplies. If you need more cards for your convention exhibit because someone runs out then these can be used as a replacement.

What other trade show supplies have you needed or used in the past? Are there other supplies not listed that you feel should always be packed for any event?

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