Tradeshow Exhibit Rental for Growing your Business

Gravity Tradeshow Exhibit by Design Factory

Gravity Tradeshow Exhibit by Design Factory

The power of an outstanding tradeshow exhibit cannot be underestimated. I doubt if there is a business out there that does not want to increase sales and expand their business. Tradeshow exhibit rental might be just the right first step to make that happen.

A show stopping tradeshow booth requires a capital investment that, if done correctly, can give you a nice return for your money. But many businesses are on a strict marketing budget and may not be able to fit buying an exhibit into the financial plan. Renting tradeshow exhibits can provide an attention-grabbing booth at an affordable price.

A Tradeshow Booth that Portrays Stability makes a Winner

If you are a relatively new business, you probably want to portray stability and organization. Your booth’s first impression will set the tone for the feeling you want visitors to have. The last thing you want is for your booth to look “homemade”! Haphazard stands and racks with collateral that was not printed professionally can drive potential clients away, instead of inviting them in.

The cost of printing professionally is minimal, compared to how it will boost your image and bring in new business. A professional tradeshow booth shows you mean business!

What Do You Need to Do to Rent a Tradeshow Exhibit?

A reputable tradeshow exhibit company will be able to guide you on the right path. It’s that simple. They will know which flooring, lighting, graphics, and branding will work the best for your business. Your budget will be looked at carefully to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

Don’t forget to ask for references and examples of potential providers’ tradeshow exhibits before making your final decision of what company to use.

What are the Advantages of Tradeshow Exhibit Rental?

Tradeshow exhibit rental is a lot like leasing a car. Car lease payments are usually lower than car loan payments. A tradeshow exhibit rental is the same. Here are some advantages of renting:

  • No storage cost
  • No transportation cost
  • A smaller initial cost
  • No maintenance costs
  • You can update and change the exhibit for future conventions and tradeshows.

Growing your business sometimes requires a little trial and error–hopefully more trial than error! You may want to test the waters to see if tradeshows and conventions provide a workable return on investment for your business.

If you buy your exhibit, you will have a larger up-front cost. Worse, you’ll be stuck with an expensive “pink elephant” if it turns out that trade shows are not the best marketing strategy for you.

Even if you do find tradeshows to be a viable marketing strategy, you may only attend one or two shows in a year. Renting will help your business stay on budget.



  1. Stephanie Vega says

    Very good option for those just starting out. My first question when I read the title of this post was ‘is it customized with your company’s branding?’ But I see that it is.

    • Design Factory says

      You are so right Stephanie. Even with tradeshow exhibit rental you can totally brand your business. It is a great option that more and more businesses are using at conventions.

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