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How Tradeshow Furniture Makes a Big Impression

After hours of walking, people will gravitate towards exhibition booths that provide comfortable tradeshow furniture like chairs and tables. Selecting the right furnishings for your exhibit booth can be as important as the design of the exhibition itself, from your main exhibit table down to the chairs you place in the space.

Tradeshow Tables

First, think of the tradeshow table itself. It is one of the most important pieces of tradeshow furniture you can get. It should be sturdy and at waist height of the average person to encourage browsing.

Tradeshow Covers

A tradeshow cover is a great rental option; sturdy and wrinkle proof, they make an excellent backdrop for your exhibit with bright, attention-grabbing colors. Long enough to touch the ground, they form a storage space for extra pamphlets and equipment under the table. These are available for rental or purchase; a purchased cover can be modified to include your logo.

Literature Racks

Next, consider the literature racks. They should be alongside the main aisle so that your customers can easily grab a brochure or pamphlet. They should be full of brightly-colored literature to grab the eye, but not overstuffed to the point that removing a pamphlet is difficult for the casual passerby.

Tradeshow Chairs

Now, the next pieces of tradeshow furniture that can be placed in your exhibit booth are chairs. They should be inviting and comfortable in colors to accentuate your logo, table cover and tradeshow flooring. They must be in good condition to encourage people to sit in them; if they are ragged and stained or appear weak and ready to break the customers will move on to the next exhibit.

It is a good idea to have chairs that are all the same design, although alternating colors is a good way to attract the customer’s eye. If you are planning to move the exhibit and all the tradeshow furniture with it, these chairs also need to be lightweight, portable and easily stored.

Stackable classic chairs like the Delta or the Jacobson add a feeling of professionalism while the Leslie or Halle chair models add a touch of whimsy and an almost futuristic feel. Chairs like the Studio or Saturn models invite people to sit in them because of their odd yet appealing design.

Adding barstool chairs with a tall table is also an inviting scene and you will find customers gravitating towards your exhibit if you put this seating in plain sight.

Tradeshow Design, It’s the Little Touches that Count

Tradeshow furniture choices can also involve a series of smaller tables and seats set further back in the exhibit, drawing people inside to look. A few potted plants and even a lamp in the corner can turn your ordinary exhibit booth into a nice, relaxing oasis for browsers and a good chance for you to make a sale. Be careful not to make it too cluttered, and be sure your logo is still in plain sight.

Some companies will offer rental tradeshow furniture while others sell it inexpensively to businesses that do many shows. Whatever the main design of your exhibit booth is, you will find tradeshow furniture to complete the look.


  1. Jennifer D. says

    I’ve know companies who would hide their literature display behind the main area, forcing people to interact with company reps before getting any. This, of course, caused many people to walk on by. Keeping it accessible is very important indeed.

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