10 Important Questions with a 10×10 Trade Show Booth

If you visit any trade show floor, you are bound to see a proliferation of different types and sizes of exhibits. One of the more popular is a 10×10 trade show booth.

10x10 trade show booth

10×10 trade show booth for 3Way Digital Video by the Design Factory

Using a 10×10 trade show booth can be the right answer for your exhibition needs or it could be the wrong choice instead. There are some questions that can help you decide which sizes, types of acquisition, floor locations, and trade show exhibits will give you the best possible results for your efforts and the resources that you spend.

10×10 Trade Show Booth Essential Questions to Ask

1. Should You Rent or Buy a 10×10 Trade Show Booth?

You can either rent or buy a 10×10 trade show booth, and each choice will have some benefits but also some possible disadvantages. Renting can help you keep costs down for each show, but if you will exhibit several times a year then buying the booth outright may make more sense from a financial standpoint.

The cost of renting versus buying trade show exhibits can be complex and there may be many added charges that need to be added in.

From our article, Buying Versus Renting Trade Show Exhibits: 5 Critical Questions. Find out more information about the differences between buying and renting exhibit booths here.

2. Will You Use Standard or Custom Trade Show Exhibits?

Trade show exhibits can be found in standard looks and sizes or you can personalize your booth with custom exhibits built specifically for your company and products. These can be unique and one of a kind so there are no worries that other exhibitors will have the same items on display. Your area will stand out no matter what size your booth and floor location may be.

3. Where Should Your Logo and Branding Go?

When you use a 10×10 trade show booth logo and branding placement are important. You want these items and images to be displayed at eye level so that visitors quickly see your branding and logo. If you place these components too high or too low then they may be missed completely and this could cost you exposure and customers as a result.

4. Should You go Two Stories High?

If you would like a two-story exhibit, a 10×10 booth is probably too small to accommodate a second level. It is more common to see this with 10×20 or 20×40 exhibit booths. A two-story display can be very impressive but there are structural and safety considerations that must be addressed if you want to build up and design a towering display that is incredibly impressive. A second story can be costly but it is worth it in some situations.

At the AAPM Innovation Trade Show in Austin, Texas, specific pricing guidelines were given for 2-story exhibits.

$15 per 1 square foot for second level to be added to total cost of first level space example

5. Do You Have the Ideal Graphics and Graphic Placement?

When you are choosing and designing trade show exhibits the choice of the graphics to be used and the placement of these images is a crucial consideration. If you are not experienced in this area then you may want to consult a professional for assistance. With the right placement and choice of graphics, a bland exhibit can be turned into something special.

Key to declaring the purpose of your presence at the convention is how you handle your trade show graphics.

From our article, Make Your Convention Booth a Show Stopper with Trade Show Graphics. Click here to read the complete article.

6. What is Your Budget Amount for This Project?

Using a 10×10 trade show booth can be a great way to impress show visitors, but you also have to stay within budget at the same time. Examine your budget and then decide what your options and possibilities are. Pipe and drape are used by many businesses with a small budget, but spending a bit more on a professional booth can improve your return on investment.

7. Will All of the Booth Components Blend Together Seamlessly?

It is very important that all of the trade show exhibits and booth components flow together perfectly, without any disruptions or areas of conflict. Every component is just as important as the others are, and they all need to flow together seamlessly for a professional look that is appealing and attractive to the people who attend the show.

8. Does Your Final Design Include Room for Traffic Flow?

The final design for your 10×10 trade show booth needs to take traffic flow into consideration. Will the visitors be able to access materials and staff quickly or will there be a jam of people causing delays and long lines? This will help you choose a design that promotes good traffic flow and helps people access your area quickly and efficiently.

9. Do You Have Enough Furnishings for the Space?

No matter what booth size you decide on the last thing you want is an exhibit that looks sparse or half-empty. Consider the furnishings that you have and what else you may need to make sure your budget will cover everything.

10. What Type of Color Scheme do You Want?

Just using a 10×10 trade show booth is not enough to impress, you also need a color scheme that works well, with all of the colors complementing each other and drawing attention to your display and floor location.

What other questions need to be considered before deciding to use a 10×10 trade show booth?

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