10 Things Many of the Best Trade Show Banners have in Common

Being the best is not an easy task. Nevertheless, there is a lot you can learn from those that have attained that status. The best trade show banners use design and techniques that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Best Trade Show BannersJCM Global Trade Show Exhibit by the Design Factory. Click here for more information about trade show graphics.

When it comes to the best trade show banners and other types of displays and exhibits there are a number of common traits. The features listed below can help you create displays that are incredibly unique and creative. You should consider them before you decide on the right design for banners and displays that you will use at your next event.

What do the Best Trade Show Banners have?

1. Great Graphics – The best trade show banners and most popular exhibits include great graphics in a number of areas. Visuals draw the eye and are often the first detail that people notice, so full color in complementing shades should always be used with your graphics. This will normally give you the best chance of being noticed on the event floor.

Graphics and images grab people’s attention and entice them to start asking questions.

Source: George N. Root III

2. Excellent Branding – Your branding should be consistent across all of your exhibits and display areas. This branding should include your company name and logo at a minimum. Part of being successful is getting your brand out there and increasing the recognition and exposure for your business, so do this whenever possible.

If you want visitors to remember you, keep your branding consistent.

Source: AltitudeMarketing.com

3. Clear Images – The best trade show banners have images that are very clear and crisp, without any blurring or other visual defects. If your images are not perfect then this may make consumers and business professionals wonder if you settle for lower quality results in other areas as well, and they could choose another business instead.

If your picture resolution is too low, the picture will have a blocky appearance.

Source: Microsoft Office

4. An Engaging Message – The whole point of banners, displays, and exhibits is to get your message across, and this is much easier to do if your message is highly engaging and offers the visitor something that they want or need. Include the benefits of your products in your message, or describe the value that you can provide.

Choose your words carefully, and keep the headline for your trade show display simple, clear and short!

Source: Alex Virvo

5. Carefully Selected Colors – Some of the best trade show banners may only have a few colors, but each one complements the rest and they all work well together. Some of these items have bold and vibrant shades that seem to jump out at the visitor while others are more subdued but no less attractive as a result.

6. Contribute to the Overall Booth Design – Any signage and banners that you use should work well with the other elements and your overall booth design. Look at everything together to make sure the entire display works well and nothing seems out of place. Take care not to present a cluttered or unorganized appearance.

7. Well Thought Out Placement – Even the best trade show banners cannot bring in traffic if they are poorly placed. Examine your entire area and evaluate where your banners will provide the biggest impact and the best visibility on people who are coming in to the trade show. You want everyone to see your signs right away, even if they are at a distance.

8. Crisp Text – Crisp text is crucial if you want some of the best trade show banners at any event. Pick the font size and type very carefully, considering both up close and long distance readability. A larger font that is printed perfectly will help you draw in more traffic while a sloppy or blurry text could turn visitors off and stop them from visiting your booth.

Place the most important text in the upper part of your display. This makes it easy to see, even with people standing in front of your booth. Use a common and easy-to-read typeface that is large enough to be read from a distance.

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9. Attractive and Appealing – All of your exhibits and signage must be attractive and appealing or this could reflect on your business and products. Even if you have a smaller budget never sacrifice quality and visual appeal for financial savings. This is a common mistake that could cost you dearly at events.

10. A Professional Design – Paying for professional design services helps you get the best trade show banners possible. These experts have the skill, experience, and knowledge needed to design your banners with exceptional graphics and incredible appeal. You will pay a little more but you could end up considering this a small cost for the results that you get.

How do you find the best trade show banners for your exhibition needs?

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