How to Build Robust Trade Show Exhibits To Improve Your Brand Awareness

Trade show exhibits represent a unique opportunity for you to engage DIRECTLY with consumers on a face-to-face, human level. Trade show exhibits also give you the opportunity to show off what’s best about your product.

You’ve got no time limits, and you can customize your presentation for your audience. Trade show exhibitions can be a very useful tool for marketing, just as long as you tailor-customize your tradeshow display to your customers’ interests and needs.

Shine a Spotlight On Trade Show Attendees

When you’ve got an invite list, remember to establish contact with all of them. You can make them feel special by inviting them to a specific event. You can dedicate time to them by offering discounts or consultations. You can invite them to social events or parties.

You have to emphasize your product’s efficiency and superiority if you want to maximize your utility with trade show design. Demonstrate to customers that your product will fulfill a specific need, and that you’ll fulfill that need at a fraction of the cost that most providers offer. Don’t be afraid of controversy. You need to take risks, and sometimes that means advertising bold claims.

How to Show that Your Customers Love You

Next, be sure to highlight your customers’ testimonials. Actually, the most effective testimonials are effective because they clearly state the benefits of your product or service.

For example, DON’T advertise with a testimonial like this: “I highly recommend Eco-Green Carpet Clean.” Rather, try something along these lines: “Eco-Green Carpet Clean has saved me hundreds of dollars on carpet cleaning, and I’ve never been happier with this chemical-free choice.”

Be a catalyst for change and cut deals with organizers so that you can get preferred display. Giving away sales percentage in exchange for extra promotions never hurt anyone. In fact, it usually helps! Can you finagle a spot as a keynote speaker? Can you solicit help from the promoter to throw you a specific event?

Stand Out With Innovative Trade Show Designs

Humans are visual creatures. That means that the trade show with the most bells and whistles often attracts the largest crowd. You want to stand out as the “cool kid” at the trade show with “lots of toys.” You need to turn your trade show booth into a social hub. It’s competitive, but you can do it.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. This makes you stand out even more when you distribute free items to customers! Don’t give out boring, tired old items like stress balls or pencils. Try something different and new! Customize your free items to fit your product.

The absolute most important part of any trade show is this: YOU HAVE TO GET YOUR CUSTOMER’S CONTACT INFO! Otherwise, there is absolutely NO purpose to staging your trade show. Get creative in order to glean this information. You can’t just ask for it directly, so give your customers some sort of incentive to give you the information. A good example is a game, or a sweepstakes, or something where people feel like they benefit from participating.

Trade show exhibits can be exhausting and expensive, but if done right, they can pay off far more than any other avenue of marketing.


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