Should You Choose Two Story Trade Show Exhibits?

Two story trade show exhibits are becoming very popular and this design trend is catching on with vendors. But is it right for your company? These structures can have a tremendous impact on visitors and they can be very impressive to look at. However, there may also be drawbacks that you need to know about before you make this choice and spend the money.

Two Story Trade Show ExhibitsIf your display towers two stories then it is very important that lightweight construction is a top priority, otherwise this could be a recipe for disaster because of the material weight involved. The exhibit graphics displayed can be larger and more images and text can be shown. But these components must be highly relevant and complimentary rather than confusing or overwhelming.

Another top consideration with a larger display is the extra size that is needed. Because these exhibits require more pieces the structure set up process may be more complicated and take longer to finish than a single story option. You also need to be aware that a higher cost may be involved because the exhibit structure is more massive and difficult to fabricate.

Two Story Trade Show Exhibits Create More Impact on Visitors

When you choose two story trade show exhibits, the impact that this has on visitors can be big. This type of display will tower over the competition and is very easy to spot from across the event location. Often these are the first exhibits that are noticed by visitors and few can resist getting a closer look. This can help you get the attention that your company deserves in any setting.

Lightweight Construction is Necessary

Lightweight construction is essential with any two story trade show exhibits because of the larger size and the extra materials that are needed. The upper story must be adequately supported to prevent collapse, and the exhibit graphics chosen cannot be excessively heavy or burdensome if they are to be placed higher up in the display.

Display More Exhibit Graphics and Draw in Bigger Crowds

One of the popular benefits with two story trade show exhibits is the extra room provided to display any exhibit graphics. Larger images, bigger font sizes, and more impressive results are typically seen with this type of exhibit structure. If you do not have many graphics to display then you may need to order more of these materials to eliminate large empty spaces though.

Larger Sizes May Mean a More Complicated Set up Process

Set up is a big factor with any booth. Two story trade show exhibits are usually more complicated to put together and set up. This can mean allowing more time before the event so that the process can be handled properly. A bigger set up team may also be required with this type of display because of the complexity level involved.

Consider any Higher Costs Involved Before Making a Final Decision

It is true that most two story trade show exhibits will have a higher cost involved, and there may be additional charges and fees that are required. Storage fees and extra purchase costs should be carefully evaluated and compared. The exhibit graphics involved may also raise the costs because there is more space to fill.

What experiences do you have with two story trade show exhibits? Have you ever used one of these displays? Were you happy with the results?

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