Convention Booth Design | 6 Top Concerns

Convention booth design involves a number of top concerns that should always be addressed; otherwise, you could end up with results that are less than what you expected or a booth that flops instead of flies. One of the top concerns is the budget that you have available. Another concern should be an optimal flow of traffic through your area so visitors can move freely.

One very important part of trade show exhibits is safety. This always has to be a number one priority in every situation, in order to prevent injury and protect yourself from any liability. Branding continuity also has to be a big concern so that your booth looks professional and visitors to your exhibit clearly understand what you have to offer to them.

The finish of your booth and any display items is often neglected but this should be a major concern for several reasons. Your choices in this area can affect you in unseen and often unexpected ways. Many people do not consider storage when they are designing their ideal booth and this is a big mistake. Storage costs can eat a considerable chunk of your budget if you are not careful.

Convention Booth Design

Convention booth design examples by the Design Factory. Click here to see more.

1. Consider the Convention Booth Design Budget

The convention booth design budget that you set will help determine the results that you get. You do not have to spend a small fortune to meet your show objectives and goals. But if you try to go extremely inexpensive or cut corners in many areas you could end up with a cheap booth that does not reflect well on your company or brand.

2. Look at the Traffic Flow through the Area

Traffic flow should always be a top concern with any convention booth design. This determines how well visitors can access your area and get any literature or other materials that you have provided. If traffic flow is not considered then you could end up getting fewer people and sales because of long lines or huge crowds that make accessing your booth difficult.

3. Safety is a Priority with Trade Show Exhibits

The safety of your trade show exhibits should be the most important part of your convention booth design. This consideration can help protect you from any financial liability due to an accident or injury. Flooring should be secured so no one trips, displays should be stable and difficult to knock over and other safety considerations should be addressed in the design stage.

4. Is Continuity in Branding Provided?

Your convention booth design should provide continuity in branding, so that your company logo, message, and graphics can be seen everywhere. Make sure that all of your trade show exhibits are consistent as far as branding is concerned so that the overall appearance is attractive. Your company should exude an air of authority and expertise.

5. The Right Finish Can Make a Big Difference

Finish is a big factor in any convention booth design. The right finish can make a big difference in several areas. A lighter finish will show any wear and damage more visibly, while darker finish colors tend to hide these flaws and will offer a longer life in most cases. Look at the color schemes used in other areas and then choose a finish that compliments these and works with them.

6. Think about Storage Before You Need It

Storing your trade show exhibits can be a hassle. There is usually some cost involved as well. If you think about storage before you create a design and order a booth, you can keep your storage costs as low as possible while still getting a booth that has a tremendous impact.

What other convention booth design concerns should be addressed when ordering these exhibits? Why?

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