Effective Convention Exhibit Displays: Your Key to Success on the Trade Show Floor

There are probably few marketing opportunities available to companies today that are better than trade shows, conventions, and other exhibitions. But as anyone who has been to one of these can tell you, it takes convention exhibit displays that are really first class to get the attention you desire.

Convention Exhibit DisplaysSimply put, there’s much more to getting attention on a trade show floor than just yelling “Me Too!” It’s a matter of making your firm not only different but better than the others. And there’s no other way to do that well than with effective convention exhibit displays.

Effective Convention Exhibit Displays–Not Rocket Science

The good news is that putting together a first-class exhibit display isn’t rocket science. All it takes is a first class trade show exhibit company to help you. Their skill, imagination, and creative abilities will provide you a trade show exhibit that can’t be beat.

The first thing you need to consider when you begin creating your exhibit display is to decide the message you want to put forth. A lot of marketers believe that it’s the budget you need to decide on first. This is putting the cart before the horse, because although the budget is important, the most important thing to remember when you start is getting your message across. Thanks to technology and experience the materials and ideas that go into creating the actual display can vary with your budget.

What Do You Need?

Another important factor to consider when you create your exhibit display is what space you have to work with. Most companies narrow down the size of their display based on generally accepted sizes of the floor that they rent for most shows. As a result, they go to shows knowing ahead of time what they will get based on the size of their display.

When you are first creating your display the world is your oyster, and a good exhibit manufacturer can help you to choose the proper dimensions for your needs.

Sending the Message of your Booth Display

Now you need to determine what you will need to create to get your message across. Here is where your budget comes in. Simply, what will get your message across? If putting out your marketing message can be done with a simple table display, creating a huge booth display with all the bells and whistles is a waste of time and money.

On the other hand, if a full booth display is what will effectively show your products and services, that’s what you need to aim for. Here again, getting attention and making your display what everyone is talking about is the key. This matters not only for your display but for where it is positioned as well.

Experience Counts

Tying all of these elements together into what you finally create is where the help of an experienced display maker comes in. Not only can they create convention exhibit displays to fit your marketing goals, but they have the experience to help you with the technical part to create the display that will accomplish them.


  1. Stephanie Vega says

    Great post. My company did their first few trade shows with a tent our owner bought at a discount store. Needless to say we didn’t get much attention. The next year we had an exhibit booth custom made for us and what a difference it made. Now we have a custom social media hub that allows people to tweet about our setup.

    • Design Factory says

      We all learn from our mistakes. I love that you are incorporating social media on the trade show floor.

    • Emily Dillingham says

      I think a lot of people go that route when they first start out, Stephanie. We did the exact opposite – we had such a heavy bulky trade show display people quit volunteering to go to conventions because set up and break down was such a pain.

      • Design Factory says

        Not only set up and take down but you have to think of storage of your exhibits too. That is another reason why many businesses rent their trade show exhibits.

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