How to have Cool Trade Show Booths to Draw Crowds

Even businesses know that the cool factor can make or break a marketing campaign and cool trade show booths are no exception. Forward thinking companies are making it a point to incorporate modern technologies to make their exhibit current and attract the masses.

Cool trade show booths always have crowds of people no matter what time of day it is. They have a variety of elements that visitors find appealing or irresistible. There are ways that you can design this type of exhibit and get the traffic that you hope to attract without having to spend a fortune. All you need is to do a little research before you start.

Cool trade show booths

Navitek Trade Show Exhibit by the Design Factory

The booth graphics that you use in your displays are an important element, but they are just one part of the whole that will be considered. Your booth layout, the marketing collateral that you have on hand, and the items that you use to set your exhibit apart are all things that can make your area cool and make it a target for event visitors. This will help you maximize the investment that you make.

Some Cool Trade Show Booths have a Money Machine

If your goal is cool trade show booths then one way you can do this is to have a money machine in your exhibit. Very few people can resist the chance to win an opportunity to get cash, and people tend to be drawn to these machines like moths to a light. Visitors who fill out a card are entered into a drawing for a specific time in the money machine, so people will be happy to oblige.

Prizes can be actual money or customized vouchers redeemable for your business’s products or services.


Use Booth Graphics in Unexpected Ways

Think about your booth graphics as one more tool in your marketing toolbox, and use them in unexpected ways that will amuse or entertain the people who stop by your exhibit. One way to do this is to have puzzles created with your company logo or brand image and give these out. Visitors will have fun putting the puzzle together and you will get exposure at the same time.

Customize a Prize Wheel for Your Targeted Populations

Some cool trade show booths use a prize wheel, and people always get excited at the thought of winning something. Think about what your targeted population wants and then have a customized prize wheel created. This offers visitors something unique, and it will attract a bigger crowd of interested visitors to you.

Visitors who provide contact information get a chance to spin the prize wheel and win a prize.

From our article: 7 Great Trade Show Game Ideas for Your Next Convention. You can find the whole article here.

Add Massage Chairs to Your Display

Sometimes what makes cool trade show booths is not the booth graphics that are used but the benefits and comforts that you offer the visitors at an event. The typical visitor is usually hot, tired, they have sore feet, and they are probably thirsty from talking so much. What can you do to make them feel better? Answer this and you will have a cool booth.

People will flock to your area to relieve a little stress, and they will learn more about your business and products while they relax.

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Offer Branded Snacks that are Healthy and Energizing

‘Many cool trade show booths are a hit because of the giveaways that are provided. Branded snacks are a great way to get visitors to advertise for you because they will be happy to munch and your brand will be on display. When you provide healthy snack options that offer energy your booth will be even more popular at any event type.

Guest Speakers Who are Popular in Your Industry can be a Big Hit

In addition to eye-catching booth graphics, some of the highest rated exhibits and cool trade show booths involve guest speakers who are very popular and sought out in your industry. For a PC trade show getting Bill Gates to speak is guaranteed to draw a crowd. Think about who is important in your industry and if they would be willing to put in an appearance at your booth periodically.

Hold a Book Signing with a Well-Known Author

Book Signing Trade Show

Many cool trade show booths in the past have utilized a well-known author and a book signing to attract people. Some authors will appear for a personal book signing if you purchase a set number of books. Just make sure that the author and book are highly relevant for your company and your type of industry.

How do you create cool trade show booths that people want to visit, and what innovative ideas have you seen at past events?

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