Professional Custom Trade Show Exhibit Design or the DIY Approach?

DIY is all the rage on television shows and advertisements for home supply businesses. But is it right for conventions and trade shows? Custom trade show exhibit design isn’t the least expensive way to go but cutting costs and going the DIY way can be costly too if you don’t get any new leads or customers.

Custom Trade Show Exhibit DesignShould you pay for professional custom trade show exhibit design or try to cut costs and do it yourself instead? The answer depends on your skills, knowledge, and creativity, and it may be different for every vendor. Each method has advantages and drawbacks, and each could be the right pick or a big mistake in some circumstances.

Some things that you should think about include:

  • The graphics that you use will say plenty about your company and your professionalism, so these need to be crisp, clear, and compelling in order to get the desired attention.
  • If you are not well qualified to do graphic design then this job may need to be outsourced in order to get the expected results and the best appearance.
  • DIY design comes with a number of limitations and drawbacks, and you need to be aware of these before you decide to forge ahead on your own without any professional help.
  • Cost should never be the sole deciding factor or you could end up with a lower quality.
  • A customized choice that is professionally done can be more appealing and attractive in many cases.

The Benefits of a Professional Custom Trade Show Exhibit Design

There are a number of benefits with professional custom trade show exhibit design. This can help you get the results that you want without a lot of time or hassle. You simply explain your goals to the designer and then let them work their magic. When you try the DIY method, you will be responsible for every step and decision in the entire process.

Paul “Red” Adair, a well-known American oil well firefighter, once said, “If you think a professional is expensive, wait ’til you try an amateur.” We all need to stick with our own specialties and let those that know more take over when needed. It can cost you more in the long run to try and build your own exhibit.

Your Graphics Say a Lot about Your Business

The graphics that are used with your custom trade show exhibit design will reflect on your business. If these are a professional quality and flawlessly executed then your company comes out looking like a rock star. If you try to do everything without expert assistance then you could end up hurting your company at the event instead of helping it.

High resolution images and graphics are a must. Hiring a professional photographer, graphic designer, or purchasing royalty free images or graphics will show off your professionalism instead of looking like an amateur in your field.

Trade Show Photographer

The DIY Method Can Involve Some Limitations and Pitfalls

A DIY custom trade show exhibit design can be a daunting task, especially if you have little knowledge or experience in this area. You will need to spend a considerable time studying and learning before you can even attempt to do it yourself. You may be able to handle the graphics or certain other components but doing everything can be a big mistake.

As an amateur trying the DIY method you might forget crucial parts of design. What about lighting, display stands, flooring, and banners? It isn’t easy to know what all you will need if you are not an expert.

Cost is Always a Consideration with this Decision

Choosing between paying a professional for custom trade show exhibit design and doing the job yourself often boils down to simple cost. A professional will typically cost more. However, you can also expect top quality results and an exhibit that grabs attention on the trade show floor. Why waste time, money, and effort if you will not get the response you want because you went cheap?

Your Creativity and Knowledge are Deciding Factors with This Decision

Custom trade show exhibit design requires a lot of knowledge and creativity, and some people have this while others don’t. Be realistic about whether you are capable of doing the graphics or if you can handle other aspects. If you are not positive of your ability, you are usually better off paying a professional instead.

Do you pay someone to handle your custom trade show exhibit design or do you use the DIY approach? Why?

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