5 Types of Display Stands to Consider with Trade Show Exhibit Design

Every trade show exhibit design will work well with some types of display stands, may work with others, and then will provide a poor fit with some. There are five types that fit well with a wide range of booth sizes and layout types. These typically have broad appeal. Shelving units and literature racks add storage and organizational benefits.

Trade Show Exhibit Design

Your trade show exhibit design should include ample areas for display stands.

Pop up options can add further benefits to your marketing and branding efforts by displaying your company logo or dramatic graphics frequently. Lighted displays draw the eye and can add a modern touch to any exhibit. Using tabletop panels can be a great idea even if there is little floor space available. Banners and runners can add color and credibility to any booth.

Shelving and Literature Rack Benefits for Trade Show Exhibit Design

A common mistake made with trade show exhibit design is failing to allow enough storage space and places to offer materials. Shelving will help you keep everything neat and organized, and make it easier for you to find what you need when you need it. Literature racks can display your materials so they are easily accessed by visitors and can be seen from across the room.

If your area seems cluttered or you do not have enough organization this may create an impression of being an amateur and visitors may not trust you to meet their needs in a professional manner. You need to create an impression of being an authority in the industry, and the right displays can help you with this goal.

Pop Up Display Stands Work with any Exhibit Size

Pop up display stands can provide additional areas for graphics or convention materials no matter what size your exhibit may be or where you are situated on the floor. When this type of display is used as part of your final trade show exhibit design choice, you can increase the appeal and the visitor access so that you get better results and more visitors each day.

Lighted Displays are Especially Appealing

When you add lighting elements to your trade show exhibit design by choosing lighted stands and illuminated displays you will be noticed more and attract attention faster. This step brings the entire exhibit out of the shadows and makes it compelling. The addition of this technology may improve the impression that your business has on visitors and result in more sales and leads.

Table Top Panels Can Expand Your Brand Showing in Smaller Spaces

When you are deciding on the ideal trade show exhibit design make sure you consider the placement of table top panels. These rectangle shaped panels are found in a number of shapes, styles, and sizes. The panels can be connected in many circumstances to form even larger displays and a more impressive appearance. Panels will work with small booths as well as larger exhibits so they may be a good fit.

Add Runners and Banners for More Impact

Many companies choose to add runners and banners in their trade show exhibit design in order to create a bigger impact and an improved perception of the business. Color coordinated runners and banners that display the company or product brand offers consistency and a more professional first impression. These display stands are extremely popular because they are effective.

Which stand types and display elements do you include when you rent or buy a new trade show exhibit design and why?


  1. Melissa Reed says

    I try and include a wide variety of all different shapes and sizes and get them where people can see them. I make sure that from whatever direction anyone walks towards my booth, whether that be front, back or from either side, that they can clearly see who we are and exactly what we do.

    I use lighting to draw more attention to a particular part of the booth I want people to go to, usually if we are showcasing a new product. This helps to make it look even more glamorous.

    • Design Factory says

      Melissa, so often people disregard the light in their trade show exhibit design. It sounds like you have an excellent strategy and design with your booths.

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