4 Important Exhibit Design Considerations for Trade Show Exhibits

When you are looking for trade show exhibits one of the most important things to think about is the exhibit design you will use. Some very important factors need to be considered while you are making this decision.

Bravado Trade show Exhibits

Bravado Trade Show Exhibits by Design Factory

Where will the focal point of the exhibit be in order to maximize visibility and appeal? Where will the booth be placed during the convention? Will it be a back row against a wall, a corner spot, or in the middle?

Your trade show exhibits should help to display your materials and company message in a positive light. If this is not the case then the wrong design may have been made. Another decision is whether to buy a standard exhibit booth that may be attractive but that is less than unique.

You might be better off getting a customized design that fits your needs and preferences perfectly. This could make a big difference in the appeal of the exhibit and affect the results you get at the trade show.

What is the Focal Point of the Exhibit Design?

One of the most important aspects of trade show exhibits will be the focal point of the display. This component should draw stares and stand out nicely in any size crowd. If the exhibit design is all over the place and there is no focal point then visitors may not stop to see what your company can offer them. The focal point should be highly visible and grab the attention of visitors right away, drawing the eye in a positive way.

Where will your Trade Show Exhibits be Situated?

The location of your trade show exhibits can help determine the right type of design. Your booth could be placed against a wall, in between aisles and walkways, in a corner, or out in the open with complete access from every side. The designs that are considered should work well in the locations where you will be placed during the convention or trade show. Some locations are less accessible but also less expensive so your budget will be a factor in this decision.

How and Where will your Materials and Messages be Displayed?

All of your trade show exhibits should display your products or company message. Does the design chosen provide enough space in order to display all of the materials that you want to include? You do not want any table or counter areas cluttered and you want to display materials neatly.

If you choose a booth or exhibit that has little space for this purpose then you may need to buy extra stands and other components in order to display the materials properly.

Do you Want a Standard Choice or a Customized Design that is Unique?

You can find trade show exhibits with a wide range of designs and features. Standard choices are created from a template and these are not customized for each buyer.

A custom exhibit design can be started from scratch, from the booth’s flooring up, and will reflect the specific preferences and requirements of the buyer. This can help give your booth an edge and a one of a kind appearance. But it will usually be more expensive to purchase due to the extra time and work involved.

The last time that you purchased or rented trade show exhibits were you happy with the designs received? Did you choose a standard option or customize the exhibit for your company instead?


  1. says

    Customizing trade show exhibits can be achieved easily by using your branding colors throughout the exhibit. Splashes of logo colors can make an exhibit stand out and get you noticed. It is an easy way to customize yet stay within your budget.

  2. Carla says

    We recently chose to have custom flooring for our trade show exhibit. We used our two color logo in the design. It turned out fantastic and we received so many compliments on it. A showstopper!

  3. Tom Stokes says

    Our brand has a very unique image that is very recognisable within our industry. We are known by most but we still like to be the centre of attention when we visit trade shows. Because of this we always try to come up with some kind of focal point that draws people in. Whether that be thanks to a massive branded balloon floating above with LED lights booming down on us or an interactive cinema where live demonstrations of our products are made by industry celebrities. I think the key is to be different.

    • Design Factory says

      Hi Tom. Being the center of attention with trade show exhibits is the goal of all exhibitors. Great ways to make that happen.

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