Home Decor Trade Show Booths

Tradeshow FurnitureEven during our current recession, home trade shows continue to surpass prior attendance numbers. Construction, textile and homebuilder companies continue to benefit from these shows. Even though new construction is down, homeowners are renovating and redecorating their current homes in record numbers.

This means companies that work in the home décor business are changing their products to meet the needs of their clients.

Home Décor at Las Vegas Trade Shows

Visit any recent home trade show and you will see an overhaul with the style of trade show booths. Gone is the “more is better” attitude, instead trade show booths show a more quiet, relaxing setting. Those with successful trade show booths understand the changing shifts of Americans’ views on home decor.

More Americans are spending more time at home; relaxing with their families or entertaining guests on their backyard patio. Americans are also more interested in earth-friendly products and ways they can save energy.

The Latest in Home Décor from Your Favorite Musketeer

Disney’s home decor booth was surprisingly simple and green. As you entered into their trade show booth, you were transported into a miniature home.

While the children’s room still maintained the decoration of famous Disney characters, the rest of the home display was set up in soothing browns and sage greens.

The living room featured plush couches, comfortable chairs and throw pillows for guests to lounge around the television.

Walls featured family photos and naturalistic scenes and murals. Live plants were tastefully scattered throughout the home.

The backyard blended seamlessly into the home. There was a patio set with throw rugs, plenty of seating for a small party.

It was easy for a client to visualize how this trade show booth’s products could work for his company.

Green Home Improvements Are Top Interest at Home Décor Trade Shows

Many homebuilders have wisely showcased green home improvements. Stepping into their trade show booths, clients could walk on various flooring. Hardwood, bamboo and ceramic are among the more popular choices today.

Clients could sit and unwind in the living room that highlighted energy-efficient lighting and skylights. In the kitchen, they could reenergize with snacks and drinks while they examined a newly renovated, energy-efficient kitchen.

Here energy efficient appliances were featured along with green items such as composts and countertops made of recycled paper and yogurt pots.

Home trade show booths have changed drastically, has yours? Consider ways that you could upgrade your trade show booth; you may only need just a few things. To make your booth successful, you should display your home products in full scale.

If you are a textile company and normally display your products as swatches, consider displaying some as full curtains or throw pillows. Also, if you use earth-friendly products or services, make sure it’s the first thing that attendees see. It’s a huge selling point in this market.

For more green trade show booth ideas, contact Design Factory Las Vegas to find out what the most elite businesses are doing.

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