12 Ideas for Unique Trade Show Booths that are Successful

Have you ever walked a convention floor and thought every exhibit looked basically the same? Many times unique trade show booths are few and far between. But the ones that do stand out are generally the ones with the most attendees and the most success.

Designing unique trade show booths can be a great way to get attention for your company and help your business and products really shine on the event floor. There are many ideas that can help you get creative and ensure that your displays are appealing and engaging on a personal level, so no one will mistake you for your competition.

Unique Trade Show Booths

A Dozen Ideas for Unique Trade Show Booths

1. One way to get unique trade show booths that really stand out is to offer something healthy and delicious. Many exhibitors may offer candy but few may offer bags of dried fruit, trail mix, or something else that provides energy and promotes good health at the same time. Get creative with the snacks that you provide and you may be surprised at how much traffic you get.

2. Add an unusual component to your exhibit booth that no one else has. This may be an unusual shape to your display items or overall exhibit. It can be the latest and most advanced technology that no one else has yet, or something else that is so unusual that it acts as a hook to engage the curiosity of the visitors and draws them to you.

3. Include innovative video panels and displays to create unique trade show booths that have never been seen before. These panels can be very thin and lightweight so they can be placed almost anywhere. A wall of video panels can give your products and company a larger than life appeal that visitors will gravitate towards.

Video monitors or televisions, tablets and smart phones to capture leads, LED lighting, and digital signage are popular types of technology to consider for your exhibit design.

Source: Marcus Garcia of the Design Factory

4. Your products are unique, and your exhibit booth should be too. Let visitors take advantage of a demo that allows them to use your products and see the benefits that you offer firsthand. This will help you show what your company can do for consumers and it will set your booth apart from everyone else on the event floor.

5. Some of the best and most unique trade show booths are also those which excel at simplicity. If you try to add too many messages and graphics all you may do is confuse the visitor about what you do and what your company offers them. It is better to choose between one and three messages that actually convey what you are trying to get across.

6. Add some unusual and unexpected things in your exhibit booth. Flowers, newspaper articles about your company or product that have been framed, and other little touches that are not expected at a typical trade show can help you stand out above the rest of the exhibitors and show why you are a company that should be considered.

7. Add some brightness for unique trade show booths that are irresistible. You can use balloons, posters and displays with colorful graphics, and other details to add color to your area. Have staff wear shirts with colorful company logos instead of the usual black and white uniform that most companies have for their booth staff.

8. Touch screen tabletop displays can be a great addition to any exhibit booth. Visitors can engage with these screens and the interactive features will amuse and entertain. Just make sure that you still have plenty of room for traffic flow and that the location of these screens does not cause a traffic back up at your exhibit.

Using interactive exhibit booths in order to show how your products can help consumers is much better than simply saying the benefits.

From our article, 7 Reasons to Use Interactive Exhibit Booths at Trade Shows. Click here to read more.

9. Unique trade show booths have something that no one else offers. Think about what your targeted population wants or needs and then find a way to address this that is original and highly creative. If the show is for the gaming industry then use poker chips or cards with your company information on them to hand out.

10. Stock your exhibit booth with giveaway items that are actually useful instead of small trinkets that will be quickly tossed away. A pen and notepad with your logo and website will be used, and the recipient will remember your company. Try giving away small picture frames and add a photo booth kiosk to your area for a souvenir that everyone will love.

11. One idea for unique trade show booths is to hold a trivia contest about your company history, with prizes that people will want to win. Have staff ask attendees specific questions, and when they answer correctly have them come to your booth to get a prize. If you include several levels then the top prize can be something that is fairly expensive and attention grabbing.

12. Some of the most unique trade show booths are highly interactive and entertaining. If you sell cosmetics then offer visitors a quick makeover. If your products are for the video game industry then have samples that can be handled and used. Think about an unusual aspect with your products or services, and then transform this into something fun and exciting.

What have you done in the past to get unique trade show booths and how did it work?

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