Are Large Trade Show Exhibits the Best Choice for Your Business?

Large trade show exhibits and elaborate two story exhibit booths can be very impressive and appealing. They help businesses stand out on the trade show floor but also cost a considerable amount of money for the impact that you get. There are a number of things to scrutinize before you decide bigger is better.

Large Trade Show Exhibits

Large Trade Show Exhibit by the Design Factory

If you want to dazzle the attendees you may think that an enormous display is the best way to go, but this is not always the case. Each event will have specific size and height limitations in place, and if you are not aware of these numbers, you could miss out on exhibiting because your display is too large and extensive.

Large Trade Show Exhibits Can Dazzle and Impress

Using large trade show exhibits can help your company dazzle and impress everyone who sees it. You want to get the best return on investment that is possible from your exhibit but not at the expense of breaking the budget. Look at the number of expected attendees and how many you think are prospective clients or customers. A thorough cost analysis will help determine the ROI.

Unusual Exhibit Booths Usually Get Better Results

If you have exhibit booths that are unusual in some way these may be noticed faster and attract a larger flow of traffic as a result. You want to stand out from your competitors, not blend into the background, and an unusual exhibit can help you accomplish this. All eyes will be on your booth if it is bigger or unusual in some other way.

Will Your Budget Cover This Choice?

Large trade show exhibits can be expensive, especially if you want a custom design and numerous features. You will need to examine your budget for the project and determine if it is large enough to cover the costs involved for a massive booth display that really rocks. If you have a smaller budget set then you may have to downsize your final choice to compensate for this.

Consistency in Branding is Critical Regardless of Booth Size

No matter what exhibit booths you use, whether you have large trade show exhibits or smaller displays, consistency in branding is critical. You want people to recognize your brand and your products, so your logo and company name should be included in the display wherever possible. This will provide a consistent appearance and get you noticed much faster.

Whatever the persona you decide upon, make sure to keep the same one across all of your marketing efforts.

Source: YP Advertising Solutions

Will the Display Provide a Positive Image of Your Company?

If you want large trade show exhibits then look at the final design with an eye towards how the booth reflects on your company. If you try to do too much without a sufficient budget then you could end up with a poor exhibit that is not professional or appealing. This reflects on your business and could turn visitors away before they reach your area.

A Larger Booth Usually Requires More Floor Space

Using large trade show exhibits will require more floor space, and that can translate into additional costs for your exhibit booths. A larger floor area will be priced higher, and you need to consider the flow of traffic to and from your booth as well. If you reserve an area that is too small, you may end up without any display at all.

Since you will pay more for the floor area that you reserve consider a location that allows your booth to be approached from more than one direction. An end location or an island display can help eliminate clogs in your area and ensure that your visitors can quickly and easily reach your products and promotional materials.

Set Up and Tear Down Considerations

If you want to use large trade show exhibits then it is important to think about the set up and tear down of these items before you make any final decisions. You may need professional help if the exhibit is large or elaborate, and this means even more added expenses for the event.

Have you ever used large trade show exhibits? Were you happy with the results?

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