The Best Marketing Tips for Small Business Trade Shows

Small business trade shows can be great resources if they are marketed properly. But common marketing mistakes and oversights could cost you traffic and possibly sales instead of helping your company succeed. Advance planning is essential, if you wait until right before the event, you may be doomed to failure from the start.

Small Business Trade Shows

Small business trade shows can be great resources if they are marketed properly.

You should always compare a trade show booth rental against purchasing the exact same design and items, because renting can help you get more WOW for less money at times. Always put out at least one press release about the show and your company’s participation in order to advertise and generate income.

Visitor handouts are not just recommended they are expected. If you do not have these marketing materials and collateral then you could look unprepared or unprofessional. You can take advantage of the many portable and lightweight displays that are offered today. Careful design of your signage can really boost the event results that you see.

Small Business Trade Shows Require Advance Planning

Advance planning is very important with small business trade shows.Waiting until a few days before the event is a big mistake that could be extremely costly in terms of traffic, lead generation, and visitor conversions. Plan as far in advance as you possibly can to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Compare Trade Show Booth Rental versus Purchase for the WOW Factor

A trade show booth rental will usually cost less than purchasing the same items. This means you can stay within your marketing and exhibit budget while still getting the most WOW that you can. The impact that your displays get at small business trade shows can be more effective while you save money when you rent, especially if you only attend one or two shows a year.

Put out a Press Release

A press release can be a big boost when you plan to exhibit at small business trade shows, and anyone can create and release one of these pieces. If writing is not a strong point, you can always find an affordable writer experienced with press releases to create this for you. This press release will give recipients the important facts about your company and exhibits.

Don’t Neglect Handouts for Visitors

Handouts from each exhibitor are crucial for small business trade shows. This can help you market your products and services more effectively. Make sure that you order plenty of these materials so that you do not come up short. It’s better to have more than enough…than not enough.

Take Advantage of Lightweight and Portable Displays

Displays that are portable and lightweight may be the best bet for small business trade shows, helping you stay within a small budget while still impressing visitors and appearing professional and competent in the industry. These displays are affordable, easy to set up and take down. They can be found in many sizes and types.

Design your Signage Carefully

Whether you decide to use a trade show booth rental or you buy the items needed it is important that you use special care on the signage that you design and use. These materials will say a lot about your company, get your product or service benefits across, and help visitors find your booth and take advantage of any offers or drawings that you have.

What other marketing tips are you aware of for small business trade shows?

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