5 Tips on Choosing the Right Trade Show Exhibits Design

The trade show exhibits that you use can be a deal breaker with visitors to any of these events, and if the wrong choice of exhibit design has been chosen you could end up getting few visitors. It may cause you to consider the show a waste of money and time. One of the top tips is to create a visual impact that resonates with the visitors and that they find hard to resist.

Before you even start designing your ideal exhibit, you should decide what technology you want to include. This will help you create a final product that integrates this technology in the best way possible. A cost versus benefit analysis will help you get a powerful display that is within your budget and financial limits.

Trade Show Exhibits DuraflameThe design chosen should include a clear and simple message and benefit statement to visitors, so that they understand what you can do for them. Avoid clutter and piles of materials whenever possible. Instead, pick just a few of the products or services that you offer and then highlight these to the public. This will help you keep a professional and credible image while attracting potential customers.

1. Trade Show Exhibits should have Visual Impact

If your trade show exhibits have little or no visual impact then they may end up lost in a sea of displays from your competitors. You want displays that are vibrant and intense, which draw in the attention of the visitor and make them want to see and learn more. If you are not doing this then you are missing a larger potential customer base and bigger revenue stream.

2. Choose the Technology for the Exhibit Design in Advance

You will find trade show exhibits with many different types of technology, and this can be a way to draw in crowds and interact with potential customers in an innovative way. It is very important to decide on what technologies you want to use before you create your ideal exhibit design, so that everything goes together well and you get the best results possible.

3. Do a Cost versus Benefit Analysis

The most expensive trade show exhibits may not always be the best possible choices for your specific exhibit design, because your budget is also a priority. Use a cost versus benefit analysis for every feature and component of your final booth and display in order to identify those that are affordable yet also highly effective.

4. Make the Benefits Statement and Message Clear and Simple

The message and the benefit statement that you include in your trade show exhibits can be a powerful tool to pull in visitors, if these are clear and simple. If you try to cram too many benefits into your message this can confuse and turn off visitors. Avoid cheesy messages and project confidence, while making it clear what you can do for the visitor.

5. Choose a Few Products or Services to Highlight

One of the biggest mistakes made with trade show exhibits is cramming. You may offer 20 products but trying to showcase them all at an event can be disastrous. Choose just a few of your best items and then incorporate these into the final exhibit design. This will make your display seem well organized and professional.

What tips have you learned about trade show exhibits, and how well did these tips work when you used them?

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