13 Tips to Help You Create Awesome Trade Show Booths

Are you exhibiting at an upcoming convention? Want to have one of the most awesome trade show booths? It isn’t always easy to stand out amongst a sea of booths on the trade show floor. Our tips will help you have an exhibit that shines above all the others.

Create Awesome Trade Show Booths with these Helpful Tips

1. If you want to create awesome trade show booths the signage you use is a top consideration. Lettering that is clear and large enough to be visible from a distance will help attract more traffic and draw people to your exhibit faster. If your signage is blurred or it is not visible then people will not know who or where you are on the floor.

Awesome Trade Show Booths

Z3 Technology, LLC Trade Show Booth by the Design Factory

2. Use mirrors as part of your overall exhibit design. These items offer several benefits. Mirrors make an area seem bigger and brighter than it actually is, and who can resist stopping to check out how they look when they pass by one of these reflective surfaces? Mirrors can be powerful in many ways and they can add pizzazz to your exhibits.

3. When you create awesome trade show booths one of the things that can help you sell is getting outside of the booth. Have staff stand in the aisles and greet people with a smile as they walk by, handing out brochures and answering any questions that visitors may have about your company and products or services.

4. One way to make your exhibit design stand out is to display just a few well-chosen products instead of trying to cram your display cases full. Make sure that each item selected for display is considerably different from the others, and that you include your top sellers or latest and most innovative products in your exhibit.

5. Some of the most awesome trade show booths include a variety of elements and visuals. Use prop stands and displays to help flaunt your materials rather than just laying everything on the table in a flat format. This will help the materials be noticed right away and it can help add another dimension to your exhibit that is appealing.

6. One way to create awesome trade show booths is to use things that generate fun, excitement, and energy in your area. Hire a mascot that represents your company or the industry being highlighted by the show. Hire a clown, arrange for a popular guest speaker, or even use video games or other exciting activities to draw in large crowds.

According to TrewMarketing.com, VIA Embedded used a lime green dancing mascot for the Design West Conference in San Diego. Apparently this little mascot drew quite the crowd.

7. If you want to design awesome trade show booths then the colors that you use for the lettering on your displays and signage can be extremely important. Avoid using orange, yellow, or brown for letters because these can be difficult to see, especially from far away. Better choices for lettering and signage would be black, blue, or red instead.

Too many different colors look bad, no matter which colors are used. Lots of hues confuse the eye, so readers don’t know where to start first.

Source: SitePoint.com Tara Hornor

8. Include bright carpeting at the booth entrance for an exhibit design that stands out and is very welcoming to the attendees. When you have bright carpeting that contrasts with the rest of the floor it draws the eye and will attract more visitors to your displays.

9. If your goal is awesome trade show booths then clutter can be a big obstacle. You want to keep materials available, display your products, and keep necessary supplies on hand. If your area or table top becomes too cluttered then you may find it is difficult to locate things and visitors may view you as less professional.

Keep you booth and area clean and clutter free, otherwise you could lose out on potential customers.

From our article, Exhibition Design Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs. Click here to read the complete article.

10. Use videos as part of your overall exhibit design, making sure that you have space available for the necessary monitors and equipment. Videos are appealing to visitors at trade shows, and these can help explain or demonstrate your products and services.

Use graphics, video, and sound as much as possible.

Source: Timothy Carter at SmallBizTrends.com

Freestream Aircraft Exhibit

11. Some of the most awesome trade show booths include large images of products. It will cost you a little to have images that are larger than life but this can be attractive to visitors and it adds another element to your marketing at the same time.

12. A unique exhibit design that is customized for your needs, preferences, and company image can be a showstopper if your budget can handle this expense. Two story exhibits are distinctive and tower over your competition.

13. Awesome trade show booths will include interactive components and modern technology. When these elements are added the results can be spectacular, and people will flock to your booth to see them and interact.

How have you created awesome trade show booths in the past and what other tips can you share?

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