Trade Show Booth Rental Options

A trade show booth rental can represent both huge profits and huge savings for your company. Mainly because the average company can benefit from the great exposure trade shows or similar events can offer most types of companies.

There are thousands of trade shows every year. Even most small markets have more trade shows and conventions than most small businesses can reasonably attend.

trade show booth rental

Trade Show Exhibit Rentals Come in All Shapes and Sizes

The hard part isn’t finding a tradeshow that your company should attend, it’s the planning and cost that goes into it that deters most companies from benefitting from these amazing marketing events. This is where a trade show booth rental can really help your company expand its marketing.

Portable Booth Rental vs. Ownership: Which is Better for You?

Companies that attend lots of trade show events typically have custom portable exhibits made that they take from venue to venue, but if your company is just looking to attend one event and assess the benefits from there, then the best option is by far a trade show booth rental.

A trade show booth rental doesn’t have to be some hum-drum affair either. There are plenty of great-looking pre-packaged options that only require you to insert your company’s signage and trade show graphics.

Then, after the show, all you have to store is the signage that can be reused on any possible exhibit display rental. A good exhibit booth company will even take care of the set-up and take-down for you!

How to Get a Fresh Trade Show Exhibit Every Time

A trade show exhibit rental means your booth will always look new; you don’t have to worry about how your portable booths will look when you take them out of storage. And you can keep it fresh every time you attend a trade show, because you’ll never have to reuse the same display booth or trade show table twice!

This doesn’t mean that portable booth ownership is bad; business frequent trade shows or conventions may often find it more cost effective to own their portable exhibits rather than rent them.

The Key to Success with Tradeshow Displays is Getting the Right One for You

But let’s say you attend a large number of trade shows where you have very limited space to setup, but from time to time you market yourself where you have lots of space. Owning a large setup you only use once in a while isn’t cost effective, but a trade show booth rental can fill in your existing setup for less.

It’s hard sometimes to decide what options would benefit your company, but there are some great professionals that can help your marketing team chose the best options for you.

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