Trade Show Design Tips for Exhibit Success

The trade show exhibits that evoke the most positive responses are usually those that have had plenty of pre-planning and trade show design. In fact, construction of a good trade show booth typically involves more time spent in the planning phase than in the construction phase.

Effective trade show booths catch attention, draw in visitors, and educate prospects about your product or service. They represent the very edge of your trade show funnel, generating leads from the convention floor. As such, the graphic elements in your exhibit area must strongly express your branding and marketing message.

Fonts and Text for Your Trade Show Booth

Place the most important text in the upper part of your display. This makes it easy to see, even with people standing in front of your booth. Use a common and easy-to-read typeface that is large enough to be read from a distance.

A combination of upper and lower case letters is usually best. After all, you (probably) don’t want to “shout” by using all capitals!

How to Use Colors at a Convention

Don’t overdo it with a multitude of different colors. Use three main colors (preferably your logo and branding colors) so as not to confuse the eye. Use colors that help to set the mood that you want attendees to feel about what you are offering.

Exhibit Booth Lighting

Exhibit booth lighting is an often overlooked but extremely important element. Convention and expo halls often do not have proper lighting to emphasize what you want seen the most. Even (and especially) if you have a small display, make sure your lighting sets the stage for success.

Multimedia Helps Your Exhibit Sell

Video, audio, and animation that promote interaction are great attention grabbers and can make a big impact. This helps provide a total experience for attendees, instead of just a sales pitch.

Consistent Graphic Design for Your Company

Your graphics should mimic your products and collateral material. This helps your branding by showing consistency.

If your trade show exhibit is of the smaller variety, emphasize one main point. Trying to focus on many different things can be confusing, and leads won’t likely convert to buyers if they feel confused about your business.

Don’t Forget the Promotional Giveaways!

Conventions and tradeshows are known for the vast amount of loot (“swag”) they carry. Your giveaways should always pertain to your business and have your company’s contact information and logo.

You will stand out if your free gifts are different than the typical pens, notepads, and paperweights. Make sure it is something that can be used or seen for a long time…not just pitched after the show.

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