20 Trade Show Exhibit Design Tips and Secrets

Famed American designer Charles Eames once said, “Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.” When designing a trade show exhibit the visitor’s needs and experience is the most essential thing to consider…not just what looks good to you.

Trade Show Exhibit Design Advice

1. Make sure that your trade show exhibit reflects whom you are, what your company does and offers, and why your business is the right choice for the visitor. If you do not include these factors, many visitors will not know these details and may pass you by instead of stopping.

2. Look at your final design choice and determine whether it is the best option for marketing products during the event. You want your products to stand out and be noticed.

Trade Show Exhibit

Dashing Diva Trade Show Exhibit by the Design Factory

3. Think about what your main objective is for the show, and then use this during the exhibit design process so you get better results.

4. Plan ahead for the technology that will be used in your trade show exhibit. Know what technology you want before you even start the design process. This will make it easier and less expensive because technological components are already determined when the design process starts.

5. Marketing products successfully means looking at both sides of the equation when you are designing the ideal exhibit. You want space for your products but you also want to minimize any drayage, shipping, and storing costs at the same time.

6.   Look at the schedule you have for exhibiting at trade shows for the next few years, and then start the design process. This will help you save money and get a design that you can use long term.

7. Some of the most effective trade show exhibit designs may contain few words, but the text used is large and very visible. One benefit statement can have the same impact as a long list of bullets.

8. Use elements that will evoke emotion in your design. This can help you provide visitors with a complete experience and not just another boring sales pitch.

9. When you design a trade show exhibit, try to include the graphics that are used on your company literature or products. This can help provide consistency and boost brand recognition for your company.

10. Part of many displays is promotional items. Create a place for these items in your design, and make sure that any promotional products contain all of the relevant information for your company.

11. Instead of marketing products from your entire lineup why not choose just a few to focus on? Pick a few products that are top sellers, and make them the focus of your exhibit instead of trying to store and display everything your company offers.

12. When you are designing your ideal booth be careful where you place your text. Avoid putting this element on textured backgrounds because the words and message could end up being difficult to see due to the texture of the background.

13. It is important to start the design process for your trade show exhibit far in advance of the actual event date. Designing a display can take months, and waiting until a few weeks before the show is a very big mistake.

14. Lighting is essential for a great exhibit design. The right lighting choice can make even the smallest booth seem large, and may compliment your products and materials instead of detracting from them.

Lighting is one aspect that is usually overlooked or taken for granted. However, this feature can change a dull and dark exhibit into an inviting and engaging area that visitors want to be.

Source: 5 Ways the Right Exhibit Design Companies can Boost your Traffic and Sales. Click here to read the complete article.

15. Your trade show exhibit needs to appeal to your targeted audience and populations, so these need to be considered while you are designing the display if you want to get exceptional results.

16. The goal of your exhibit is usually marketing products, generating leads, and building better brand recognition. When you use multimedia to meet these goals you can grab the attention of visitors at the event more effectively.

17. Use colors that are bright and bold to liven up your booth and draw the eye of visitors.

18. The text used for your trade show exhibit needs to be large enough to be seen and read from across the room.

19. Provide the benefits you can offer for better success at marketing products, because attendees will respond better when they understand what you can do for them.

20. Avoid placing any text in the bottom half of your trade show exhibit, because this will be difficult or impossible to see if there is a crowd in front of your booth.

What other trade show exhibit tips and secrets can you share?

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