Trade Show Exhibit Rental and Convention Booth Mistakes to Avoid

There are many common trade show exhibit rental mistakes and convention booth errors that could impact the success that you see from these activities and events. Knowing what these mistakes are can help you avoid them, and assist you in reaching the objectives that you have set while staying within your budget.

2 Mistakes You Can Avoid:

  1. Ineffective displays
  2. Poor staffing
Trade Show Exhibit Rental

Trade Show Exhibit Rental by the Design Factory

Failing to provide interactive components in your design can be a costly oversight in many sectors and industries. Also, trying to take the most inexpensive route and spend as little as possible can cost you lost opportunities. Graphics that do not stand out, a poor location due to waiting until the last minute to reserve a spot, and other problems are also seen on a regular basis and may cost you considerably.

Poor staffing of your convention booth with inexperienced staff or people without the charisma and networking skills that it takes to draw in visitors and create informative dialog while making connections and cultivating leads that convert to sales. This is what the purpose of attending a trade show is all about, so effective displays and quality staff is essential to your convention success.

Trade Show Exhibit Rental Displays that are Ineffective

You want your trade show exhibit rental to draw attention and grab targeted consumers quickly. If you have a convention booth that is plain or boring then you will normally find that few people stop by to find out what you are offering. Your expenses could be a waste of hard earned money and other resources if you do not meet the goals and objectives that you have set for the event.

Adding too much with a trade show exhibit rental is also the wrong move. Simple graphics that are powerful and appeal to your targeted audience can be much more effective than hundreds of images that may be overwhelming and confusing. The display should get your message across clearly in a way that pops and stands out in the crowd.

Poor Convention Booth Staffing could Cost You

Staffing is often one of the last considerations when it comes to a convention booth or trade show exhibit rental but this should be a top priority. Not having the right number of and appropriate staff could mean potential clients may go somewhere else instead to meet their needs. For example, a trade show that involves automobiles should not be staffed by those who have no knowledge of this subject.

Make sure that the staff you use for your exhibit are knowledgeable in all aspects of your products or services. They should be able to answer any questions that are asked, and they should be charming and engaging. Remember to schedule enough staff so that any breaks and responsibilities are covered without being short of people at any time. Busier times will call for more people.

Interaction is Essential when Marketing any Business Today

Interactive components are extremely popular today, and if your trade show exhibit rental does not have these new trending features, then your business may not be seen as current and up to date. Whether it is a simple promotion or the use of touch screens and other advanced interactive technologies you need to interact with potential customers in order to make a good first impression and help them to remember you.

Going Low-Cost could end up being more Expensive in the Long Run

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid with your convention booth is to try and cut corners. This could end up being much more expensive than spending the money needed for the best results in the first place. If you are going to take this step then you should do it right. Otherwise you will not get the results that you are hoping for. What other trade show exhibit rental mistakes have you experienced?

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