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Preparing for trade shows is a monumental task. Nevertheless, one thing you can do to ease the burden is to use trade show furniture rentals. It is a great way to look impressive and stay up to date.

…sofas, ottomans, chairs and even desks will encourage your market to sit and stay a while.

Source: The Design Factory

There are several questions that you should always ask when you are looking at trade show furniture rentals. The answers will help you determine which items to get or even whether to rent or if you would be better off buying instead. Furniture is part of the exhibit design process, and the choices that you make can help decide the results that you get at an event.

Trade Show Furniture RentalsSome of the most important questions will cover things like:

  • What are your available furniture options and choices?
  • How well does each item or piece fit in the overall design concept?
  • Is the rental price affordable with the budget that you have?
  • Is the furniture comfortable for the visitor for the time it will be used?
  • Do the different items used combine to create a consistent visual image across the entire display?
  • How does the rental cost compare to purchasing the exact same pieces?

What Types of Trade Show Furniture Rentals are Available?

This is the very first question that you need to ask, so that you can see whether the availability meets your needs and preferences with trade show furniture rentals. If you are looking for a specific type of chair and the company cannot provide it then you may need to go somewhere else unless the company can specially order it for you in time.

Different looks can be easily created to suit your booth…

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The larger trade show exhibit companies will offer a wide variety of trade show furniture options:

  • Sofas
  • Ottomans
  • Chairs
  • Desks
  • Tables
  • Lamps
  • Bars
  • Shelves

Trade Show Furniture Rentals

Does Each Piece Fit In With Your Overall Exhibit Design?

Your overall exhibit design will help you decide whether an individual piece is a great choice or not when you are looking at trade show furniture rentals. You need to think about the available space, the size of the individual item, and how well it fits into the design concept as a whole. Functionality also needs to be evaluated.

Will the Rental Price Fit in Your Budget?

If the trade show furniture rentals don’t fit into the budget that you have available then something has to give, and going over your budget could be a game changer. The beauty of renting these items is that you can make changes if necessary to get what you need while cutting costs in some areas.

Is the Furniture Comfortable Enough for the Time it will be Used?

When you pick trade show furniture rentals think about how long visitors will sit in or use the item, and decide whether it is comfortable enough for the intended purposes. If you will be giving a long presentation then you will want more comfortable furniture, and this is just as important as the appeal of the exhibit design.

Trade Show Furniture Sofas Chair

Do All of the Items Being Rented Provide a Consistent Visual Image?

When you choose the specific trade show furniture rentals that you will use check to make sure that everything together gives a consistent visual image to the visitors. If your booth area looks mismatched or inconsistent then visitors may not be willing to stop and get further information about your products or services.

What Would the Purchase Cost be Compared to the Rental Price?

Compare the cost of trade show furniture rentals to the cost of buying identical items. This will help you decide the most cost effective way to get the overall exhibit design that you want without spending more than you have to. If you plan on attending many events each year then a purchase may be more cost effective in some cases.

Trade show furniture rentals are convenient and easy to use. It will be one thing that you can easily check off your list of things to do.

What other questions do you ask when you are considering trade show furniture rentals?

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