Tradeshow Exhibit Rental vs. Buying Tradeshow Booths—7 Things You Should Consider

There are advantages and disadvantages to tradeshow exhibit rentals or buying tradeshow booths. To determine what is best for you, do an evaluation of your needs. Here are some key things to think about to help you figure out what best suits your business needs.

1.    How much tradeshow booth experience do you have?

If your company is relatively new, or if you don’t have someone on your staff with substantial tradeshow booth design experience, it may be better to rent. This gives you an easy opportunity to try different things without substantial investment of money.

2.    How new is the company and how stable is it?

If the company is likely to get acquired soon, renting may be a better option. Also, if it’s a new company, you might not know for the first year of trade shows, what kind of booth will work best for your specific needs in your specific industry?

3.    How many shows will your company do in a year?

If you only do a few shows a year, renting may be a better value. Do you want the same booth structure at all of your shows?

4.    Buying can have some hidden expenses.

Buying a booth means your company has to store the booth, update it, refurbish it, and eventually dispose of it. Trade shows carrying cases need frequent replacement and that’s another expense to consider. Many of these hassles are the rental company’s problem when you rent.  Also, renting may allow you to save on freight costs if you rent from a local exhibitor rental house.

5. How much customization do you need?

A rented booth is going to have fewer options for customization than a purchased display booth.

6.    How big is your booth space?

For small exhibit spaces, pop ups, table top displays and other portable booths might be the best option.

7.    What’s better for your company’s cash flow?

Purchasing a booth involves a bigger initial outlay of cash. Sometimes none of the questions above are as relevant as a simple calculation based on finances. There are many display booth options available to any size business. The questions above should help your business to think through the pros and cons to tradeshow exhibit rentals and purchasing a display booth.

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