Trade Show Flooring for Form and Function

When you consider all the time and effort you will be putting into your tradeshow exhibit, one of the things most overlooked is trade show flooring. This final touch will bring your exhibit together, draw attention to your exhibit booth, and add that final professional touch.

Most tradeshows take place in a large structure with bare concrete floors or commercial grade carpeting. Tradeshow flooring can be placed over this to create the feel of a store or home right within your booth. If you are renting the exhibit booth, the flooring might be included as part of the package or it can be a very inexpensive add-on to the rental. Even if the show is being held outdoors, tradeshow flooring is still an option.

Many different types of tradeshow flooring can be used to add the finishing touch to your exhibit. Trade show carpeting can feature a low, stain-resistant weave in eye-popping colors guaranteed to match any exhibit booth. You may also choose a neutral color such as a grey, brown or beige simply to pull the entire booth together with a hint of subtlety.

Use Color in your Tradeshow Exhibit Flooring to set the Mood

Use the science of color to draw customers in and give them a subconscious boost to buy.

Reds, for instance, stimulate hunger and a zest for life; it makes sense that red hued trade show flooring or carpeting would be a great choice for a food stand or a travel agency. Yellows make people feel cheerful, orange is a color of ambition and warmth, and green is the color of harmony and nature.

Purple is the ultimate color of nobility and royalty, pink is the color we associate with femininity, while black indicates authority. Shades such as brown or tan denote stability, and white is purity.

These are important things to remember if choosing carpeting for your trade show flooring; science has proven that customers react subconsciously to color.

Hardwood Flooring for your Exhibit Booth

If carpeting isn’t your favorite choice, consider any one of the easy-to-assemble hardwood floors. These floors will give a clean wooden shine to your booth. They are easy to sweep up and maintain throughout your entire show, and the hardwood flooring will add an easy going, homelike atmosphere to your exhibit booth.

Catch their Eye with Floor Designs

Exhibit booth flooring can also come in eye-catching designs such as checkered for a truly astonishing finish to your exhibit booth. The black and white checker design brings to mind an office setting as well as automobile races and large, clean showrooms. This can be a clever way to spice up a booth and add some flair.

Padded Flooring to make it easy on those Aching Feet

Tradeshow flooring is especially important for the exhibitors who must stand on their feet for endless hours at the booth. Featuring a softer padded finish, these floors are designed to take some of the stress off tired, aching feet. Standing on bare concrete or on the minimal padding provided under a commercial grade rug is hard on exhibitors and customers alike.

If you are renting your exhibit booth, consider finishing it off with easy-to-assemble trade show flooring; form and function at your feet.

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