Two Story Exhibit Booths Help Your Company Tower Over the Competition

Two story exhibit booths are gaining in popularity. Can these choices help your company tower over the competition and set you apart from everyone else?

Two Story Exhibit BoothsThis choice of booth design can be very impressive, but it also involves some special considerations that need to be examined in order for you to make the best choice for your situation and budget.

Before you decide on this design type you need to look at the total cost that you will incur to determine whether the cost is reasonable and within budget or not. These exhibits may require special floor placement due to their increased height and size. This can limit your location possibilities and could increase the cost some.

The real estate motto, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION, applies to the placement on the convention floor too!

Setting up and tearing down two story structures will require special safety precautions and considerations. On the plus side, these booths are usually one of the first ones noticed at many events, and the size and height of the display can be quite impressive to the visitors and draw larger than normal crowds for your company.

How much do Two Story Exhibit Booths Cost?

The cost of two story exhibit booths can vary, sometimes by a large amount. Each booth is different and will have a specific cost involved, and the price will depend on a number of factors including the graphics and other components that you choose. Some of these booths may cost much more than others, and they may not be right for everyone.

A Two Story Booth Design May Require Special Floor Placement

A booth design that has two stories may require special placement on the trade show floor. Because two story exhibit booths are taller and usually heavier than the typical exhibits they may need to be situated where these aspects are not an issue. If you are not sure then contact the event coordinators and ask about these issues so you know before you plan and go.

Make Your Display Extremely Noticeable Right Away

When you use two story exhibit booths you have a much better chance of having your exhibit noticed much faster. It will be hard to miss because it towers over smaller displays. This type of booth design allows you to display more content, materials, and graphics, and it usually draws in crowds very quickly so you get more traffic in less time.

SGIA Expo 2014 – Speciality Graphic Imaging Association

Impress Visitors with your Booth Size

Size matters. If you want to impress potential customers then two story exhibit booths are a great way to do it. These designs stand above most displays on the show floor and that gives them a distinctive look that is unusual. The impression that attendees will get is that your business is above your competitors, and they will be more likely to use your business if they need your products or services.

Special Care Should be Taken with Set Up and Tear Down for Safety Reasons

Setting up and tearing down two story exhibit booths will require special care and this has a number of safety concerns. This type of booth design may need to be reinforced, especially if the second story is heavy or the first level is not substantial enough. A professional will be needed to make sure that your display is safe and effective both.

Have you ever used two story exhibit booths? Where you happy with this choice or did you end up disappointed instead?

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