5 Great Types of Trade Show Banner Stands from which to Choose

There are several different types of trade show banner stands from which to choose. These can be mixed and matched according to your needs and preferences. Some venders may stick with one single type but others may incorporate two or three types or more in a single exhibit. Standard options are attractive if you want a no frills version that is fairly inexpensive.

Trade Show Banner StandsYour exhibit design will play a role in stand types that you use, and retractable products usually work well across the board without limitations. This pick can be used in any design without appearing forced or detracting from the overall appeal of the exhibit. If you are looking for some flexibility with your display then you may want to use a telescoping stand.

Some products in this category are designed for outdoor use, and these are usually more durable and can be used in almost any settings and weather conditions. Banners that use impact tension fabric can add pizzazz and give your business an innovative image that is very favorable. There are also custom options that can be designed on a case-by-case basis, but these can be more expensive.

1. Standard Trade Show Banner Stands are Common Choices

One of the most commonly chosen trade show banner stands is the standard version. This is the most basic model to choose from and it is typically the least expensive to order. The downside is that this is the most popular choice, so your area may not stand out well in a crowd during a large event. Standard versions are not unique in any way and this could be an issue.

2. Retractable Stands Work Well With Almost Any Exhibit Design

Retractable trade show banner stands can be used with almost any type of exhibit design and components. This model uses a case that includes a roller, and when the banner is not on display it can be safely stored in the case. The space required for storage is small, and this version grabs attention while it is being set up or taken down as well as during use. They are very convenient and easy to use.

3. Telescoping Options Provide a Flexibility Factor

Telescoping trade show banner stands offer a flexibility that most other types cannot provide. These stands can be adjusted according to the size of the material being used. They can also fit various sizes without requiring any additional costs. Adjusting this type of stand is simple and takes just minutes so they are convenient to set up and use.

4. Outdoor Products are Extremely Durable for Any Environment or Weather Conditions

If you have an exhibit design that can be used outside then outdoor trade show banner stands may be ideal for your needs. These items are built to handle inclement weather and excessive sunlight better. Fading is minimized and the products can be left outside for extended periods. Stands designed for outdoor use can also be used inside if this is called for.

5. Impact Tension Fabric Banners are Very Popular for Many Reasons

Trade show banner stands designed to hold impact tension fabric are a popular pick in many areas. They can work well with most exhibit design concepts. These are lightweight, cost effective, and easy to use and store. This type of stand can be found in straight, curved, and angle models for variety and maximum visual impact.

What types of trade show banner stands have you purchased in the past? Which types do you recommend for trade show beginners?

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